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Zowander Newest Baby and Birthday Giveaway

Lucky Zoan as she was called is celebrating her birthday and as a treat to her lovely readers, she is giving away this extra nice gift for just simply answering a question, “Who is there newest addition in the family and how she was able to get her name?”

Honestly, i have no idea where Bebang came from,  I know a certain bebang that was called by that’s name because her full name is Beverly but it’s out of the topic don’t you think.

Подробности у нас на сайте. So, i have to make a wide guess, I think it was called bebang because Zoan is a Bisaya like me and “Be” is one of the endearing word in their dialect, so this new baby puppy was given by his sweety boyfriend so i guess that’s what she was called, and “Bang” means happy, “Well, it’s just my wide guess and i really have no idea if it rings a bell.

Anyway, if you have any better answer than my answer above, then head on to her blog and get  a chance to win this beautiful treat from her.

One Response to “Zowander Newest Baby and Birthday Giveaway”

  • zoan says:

    hello sis, thank you for joining my little giveaway :) and again,I am having a laugh trip visiting the entrants answers:) eehehehe the giveaway will end tomorrow :) ehehehe

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