Guard your gadgets from virus attack

I have been meaning to find best anti-virus in the net.  Before i used to subscribe on Avira Professional Security but i haven’t had a good earning this days so i could not renew the yearly anti-virus for my pc .

I have always believe that having a good anti-virus is important since the net has many encrypted and virus files that you might not be aware.

It’s okay to choose other anti-virus but avira is something i have trusted for years.  But since with their file upgrade, i could not download their free anti-virus because it’s asking for me a new version of windows.  Now, that’s my big problem.  Buying a new computer.

My Home , My Ideas – Beautiful kids room


What do you think your children would say when you show them this beautiful room filled with Winnie the Pooh, probably mine would be jumping in joys if i would let her know that i am planing to re-create this set for her bedroom.   Home decoration ideas  are very important especially if you had jut acquired a new home.

 A pooh decorated play room for your kids would surely make them kiss you a thousand times,  the ideas are so vivid to them that they can eventually envision it even without pictures.  I always love apple green and the combination of this room is just a perfect thing in our kids bedroom.  Even thought it’s small and lack glamour, you can still create as something as beautiful as this, how?

Choose pieces that appropriate in your room.  Ideas are endless and can be found on the net.   Pick the one you can afford,  always don’t sacrifice your budget since you will be having problems in the future.

If you are able to find someone who can help build them for you, it is more appropriate and save you some bucks since you can always ask for a discount with your friendly carpenter.

Ideas are just there to guide us, if you can able to get a chance to buy what you see, just make sure that your not over spending or you may end up with debts over your head.

Living in Luxury

What would you do if you have all the money in the world to spent?  Would you spent them in Luxury products  or indulge your self with luxury travels or beautiful mansions with lots of different luxurious cars?

I bet that would be awesome and somehow it’s a dream of not just the few people in the world but each of those who dreams a lot for a good fortune and future of their family.  Yet thinking about it, it’s not as easy as we have imagine to achieve something as grand as this.  Unless, you won a $50,000,000 lottery and perhaps you can do all this things in the same time.

But given a chance, i would definitely love to have a Caribbean cruise.  I have heard so much about it and dreams of sailing across the ocean on a yacht surrounded with people i love, enjoying the beautiful sunset and sunrise while sipping Don Perignon or eating my favorite pasta with feta cheese and turmeric chicken.


Enjoying a lovely swim on this  infinity pool with the view of the beautiful  sea nearby. This perhaps maybe a dream for average people like me but for those who has the money to spent, this luxurious things are just a piece of cake.

Money for them is just a thing and spending them with all their liking is just as easy as counting one to three.  I only hope that while they spend this money with luxurious things, they can able to realize that our earth is deteriorating and helping in advocacy to ensure a better future for others is far more important that spending their money in nothing.

Blogs and Finances

Blog speaking about financials are very timely this days especially that some countries are suffering financial loses and individuals are trying to learn more about how they can manage and handle their finances well.

I for one needs to know the facts on how i can able to handle our finances and thinking about it sometimes gives me head ache.  It’s easy to say that things can be okay but honestly, managing finances when you don’t have something to manage can be devastating too. Blogs and financial sites are now very in demand for those who wanted to learn how they can able to grow their money and make it profitable.

When you know how you can handle your money  and be more profitable rather than losing them on something not worthy is a good sign of financial etiquette but mastery of handling your finance can be tricky.

This is the time you need to focus and get hold of yourself .  Controlling your finances can give you good fortune and a big help for your future and the things you plan to endeavor.  Remembering your financial concern is very important since it can lead you to two things, whether it was success or your downfall.  We need to be responsible enough to handle money matters and financial blogs gives some concrete help on how to be financially responsible.

Playroom Ideas for your Kids

I love checking out ideas of beautiful playrooms for kids and if given a chance, i would really love to have  for my little ones but unfortunately, we don’t have a big house to begin with but nonetheless, it’s always free to dream and hope for the best.

Here are some inspirations taken from the net that you might be interested too.



i so love this dainty room.  fit for your little princess;

what do you think about this?

( )

Share your ideas. Let me know what you think.

Travel Advisory

Going to a trip? Advisor travelling portal can be a great help for a first time traveler. Sometimes, you have all the things in your mind but this is not efficient since outright knowledge of the place you would be visiting is very important.

That’s the purpose of travel advisor travel guides since they offer unbiased reviews on different hotels, vacation houses and places where you can stay. Some of this includes photographs and even personal experiences from readers and fellow travelers who have gone to the location itself.

If you are traveling to a place for the first time, you need all the support and knowledge you can get to assure a good stay on that place.  Finding about the place in advance can help you decide where you will stay, eat or places where you can visit.  It’s also a good way to understand one culture, religion and tradition which can be a good help.

Guides are like maps with pictures of the actual places so you will never get lost and enjoy your vacation without worrying where to spent your precious holiday. It is better to  equipped yourself knowledge of that certain place  before hand so you will not be wasting time going around a place you have never been or known before.

Starting a travel blog

Know how to start a blog? Tripping and traveling blog can be a lot of work if you don’t know how to start.  Newbie bloggers are very lucky this days since they all have ready access to learn the tricks and steps to start their own blog.

Before, I start using blogger platform since it’s ready available and free to use.   There are many free platforms you can consider , wordpress, tumblr are one of them  but i found blogger as very easy to use but each of us has a different story to tell. What may work for me might not for others.

Starting a blog can raise different problems and with the help of google or yahoo , you can easily get result on your inquiry.  Joining different blogger networks can also help you increase your knowledge.

Travel blogs are basically telling your story about your recent trips and adventures.  Whether it’s travel abroad or within your country.  It’s always good and refreshing to read trip and travel blogs since you can get an idea of a new place even before you visited them.

When starting a travel blog, you must also consider the thoughts of your readers and not just what you wanted, afterall you are doing this to guide and help them to experience a great travel on destination you have just written.

Monitor your heart

Heart rate monitors are essential if you want an accurate and reliable measurement of your calories burned. Most heart rate monitors operate on a similar premise. A rubber chest strap fastens below the bust line with a nylon band. The strap sends a signal to your watch that will display your heart rate, and you have to periodically wash the strap to ensure proper reading.

monitor your heart,  health gadget

Chest straps are useful, but they can be cumbersome at times, especially when you have trouble getting a reading to lock in. Over time, a chest strap may lose its functionality, rendering your watch useless. The most innovative fitness watch on the market seeks to combat the annoyance of straps by eliminating them altogether. The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor is totally free from any constricting bands, and it’s instantly accessible. The watch is very chic and streamlined, featuring a smooth face and simple controls. Optical sensors relay your heart rate in real time, and it can never be knocked out of sync.

Chest straps have a tendency to get off base when one is exercising very strenuously. They can also be cumbersome, requiring the application of water to read properly in many cases. The MIO Alpha doesn’t carry any of that extra baggage. You are guaranteed a reliable heart rate monitor that is also rechargeable for up to 10 hours, giving you plenty of time to knock out your work out sessions. Invest in this gem today and start your journey off on the right foot.

La Concordia Memories – #throwbackthursday

Everybody is making raves on looking back on memory lane with the #throwbackthursday hash tag on facebook and instagram and I thought it’s nice to look at your photographs and reminisce the memories associated with it.

I never dreamed of becoming a beauty queen since i lack many qualifications of being one  but when given a chance and a some persuasion from school administrators and friends, i thought it’s worth joining a friendly competition.

Concordia college

I studied at Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion de la Concordia or for short, Concordia College, a school run by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul (sister school of Santa Isabel College,)  the same school where the sisters of our  Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal sisters and two loves also studied. ( Saturmina, Soledad and Olympia,  Segunda Katigbak and Leonor Rivera )

concordia college

This is the same hall way where Jose Rizal used to meet Leonor Rivera and where I also met hubby 13 years ago.  This hall way has a lot of memories to share not just with me but with all the love lost in time.

Ms. Commerce 2001

Here are some pictures of that day!  I didn’t win the title but i grabbed the first runner up and Ms. Concordia’s Choice Award ( i didn’t know that i’m that popular for a very naive and silent lady at that time), so i didn’t come home empty handed and even fave way  for me to become the Senior Concordian’s News Editor and article contributor.












Down memory lane

My college is not as swift and easy,  as I needed to balance my school while working in the morning, after all I don’t have any one to support me at that time but i guess with lots of perseverance and encouragement from people who loves me, makes what I am today!

Fixing your broken home

No, it’s not the song, fixing a broken heart.  Good thing is not my heart that’s need fixing  but my house.   Home maintenance and repair of your house may require a certain amount of money that’s why it’s always advisable to fix things that you and your husband can do at your own.

Fixing up your home may require tools and can be of help in terms of industrial tools or hardware tools as well.  Finding the right tools may occupy your time and can cost a lot of money but reid supply can help you along the way to choose the right materials for your needs.

Even how much you tried to keep your home as good as it is,  in time it still needs repairing and fixing and when this happen don’t forget to fix it before it gets worst.