Calling from Home

Connecting with friends is what I love to do especially those who i have not seen for a long time.  That is why having a low cost conference calls is something I look forward too.

But finding a good connection is sometimes hard and the effort to find a good communication provider would be the biggest task at hand because sometimes service provider failed to comply with their promises.  I still remember the days where party line were still present at our home phone, it was funny and somehow exciting to receive other calls from people you don’t know but sometimes, it was also annoying.

Communication is a great deal especially if you work from home or if you have a family living outside the country.

Computer that work

My Computer Motherboard is now having the hardest time of its use. With so much pictures and files, I hope it will not one day make it’s final effort to survive and eventually fade it’s glory and usage. 

As much as I wanted to buy a new computer, a laptop or a desktop, i think it would not be very possible as of the moment because of the things I need to prioritize and payments needs to accomplish.  Although having a good computer is what i needed most, having food and healthy children is always my main priority at home.  But I am always on the look out of possible computer break down because that means no extra income for me and boring days would be present and that I would not want to risk my life with.  

So as much as possible, i am cleaning my hard drive once every second week of the month, to get rid of those unnecessary files. 


WBFC # 26

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Since 2009, I have been buying online and I personally recommend it to everyone.   Buying online has been a very popular this days and many online shops and sellers are offering wide selections of brands , merchandise and services. 

Shopping online can offer a lot of convenience for you over shopping in your nearby mall or stores. You can save time and stress from heavy traffic and you get the pleasure of picking your favorite items from a wide array of products and brand.   But there are many scams online and buying from a not reliable source or company is something you should avoid.   Make sure that you only buy from respected and reliable sites like , the largest online marketplace made for Filipino shoppers. is very easy to use.  There are many items to choose on what  to buy and it’s a great help for online seller to post their ads, it’s free of charge and the good thing about it,  you can get the exposure you want for your products.  I have been making Swarovski accessories for some time and I thought this would be a good chance to make it on market and post some ads in for those who would be interested to buy my work.
Meanwhile, i have posted an ad looking for Vintage postcards and first day stamps. I hope someone would answer my request and that would be a great addition in my growing collection.

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The Law and Me

The law may be harsh but it is still the law.  We often says, that the law in our country is unfair and bias and justice is sometimes hard to find.  Movies always portray that if you have no money, it’s hard for you to have justice in this country. But that is something I am not in favor of.

We think Law is unfair and unjust but it’s not, the one who make it unjust is the people who are trying to break the law by doing things not according to it. It’s clearly specified not to break the law but i guess people are just so hard headed and even the document management student still breaks simple law which he is studying.

What you know can protect you.  Each of us is entitled to know the law so we don’t have the reason to break it.  We don’t need to be a lawyer to know the law of men. Be a good citizen and follow what it’s right, then there is no way you need to break the law, don’t you think?

Tablet Computers

In this age of modern technology, each new product will surely be a hit to gadget lovers.  We should be thankful to the great minds of this generations who invented tablet computers  or the hand held pc to make your life more easier and accessible.  A tribute to Steven Jobs, the inventor of Apple Ipad who give meaning to this era and for creating a part of every techies life.

Come to think of it, tablet computers are far more easy to use, can carry anywhere and multi-functional  unlike your old desktop who just staying on that one corner in your room.  Compare to laptops, tablets are more promising and easy to bring anywhere unlike laptops who can be a little bulky sometime but of course there are tablets that are more expensive that the regular netbook.

If your a blogger, writer or just always on the go, this tablet computers should be a great hit for you.