What’s new? Hope you can nominate me!

What’s new?

It’s been a while since my last post.  I have posted last time that my laptop just broke down and because i don’t have any money to replace it right now, I have decided to claim for myself (LOL) the other computer in our office which was not used for a long time. Good thing it was repaired and now my problems were solved and i can do my office work without any problems.

My tummy is getting bigger each day although i am still suffering from morning sickness if it is still what I should call them but i am still hoping that my dizziness will be over soon. I really missed blogging and chatting with some old friends but hopefully i’ll be back on track again this December.  I have seen a lot of blog contest recently and too sad, I was not able to join them , hoping my luck will be as good as this year next year.

I have seen a recent contest held by Johnson’s and Johnsons  Baby World of Firsts and the prize is really beautiful and awesome and if it is not too much for you to ask to nominate me (LOL) that would really be lovely and beautiful gift for me and for my unborn baby.  All you need to do is to answer the Nomination form which was attached in their facebook account;

You can view it here:


My name of course:  Romarianne Rosaura-Romero

Expected due date: First week of April, 2011

your email address:

telephone number

Why do you think mommy and baby’s first time moments deserve to be celebrated?

Why do you think your friend (I) deserve the nomination?

Why do you want to throw your friend a baby shower?

How do you envision your friend’s baby shower?

In five words or less, please describe your friend?

I believe that this contest is not a popularity contest or voting but whoever gives the best answer wins! Three lucky mommy can win a grand Baby shower! ( hoping and praying that i’ll be included)

I am really looking forward on your help.  Thank you so much!

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