Wardrobe Makeover

Many of us invest in a good house, after all it’s where our family will reside and stay and will keep us protected.  It’s the same story when we talked about closets, it’s where we keep our apparel and some important document or things.

This terrible rain can really make my mood switch.  I was having a great time at the office but when I got home, a not so good news came into my attention.  The hard rain made the roof leaked and worst of all  some of my favorite dress was soaked in water because of the leakage.  You can’t blame anyone since it’s a nature call and you can never know when a roof problem will arise until you experienced them.  I thought maybe this is the time for me to find a  high quality wardrobes which is something we really need so as to avoid any future problems like this.

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Finding a quality wardrobe is very important since it’s where we keep our favorite apparel, I wonder what would you feel when you see your branded dress or shirt all ruined because of some unexpected problems.  That would really be frustrating and the worst, heartbreaking.

For me, a quality wardrobe must be sturdy and has enough storage space to fill in all the things i needed. I always envision a closet full of stilettos, bags and sexy dresses but that is just a dream since i could never wear those sexy dresses but I guess a wardrobe with lots of stiletto would be nice, don’t you think?

The thought made me relax and help forget my anger and hopefully in a few months, we can able to build a good quality closet just like the one i envisioned but we have to consider our budget on this project since it’s not as easy as you think it would be.

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