Treasured Time with our Dog

Chi chi, birdy, twee-twee bird, that’s the name we used to call our darling dog. After blissful nine years of staying with us, she experienced “pyometra“, a sickness natural to old dogs. It was very sudden and with her age, we decided to let her go.

Dog – man’s best friend

 They say that the dog is a man’s best friend but for us, she is not just our best friend but our darling baby,  She was my baby for five years, she gave me not just happiness but she gave me comfort in times of sorrow and pain.  She’s a silent listener on all my worries and problems , so you could imagine my tears when the time has come to let her go.

I never imagined that this day will happen, although it’s a fact that she’s a dog and dogs has life span of atleast 12 years (some may be able to reach up to 20 years) and nine years are already a good number but whenever i think of it, there is always the feeling of sadness and the longing for her.  But I know, the Good Lord has always a reason for everything.

As of now, we have no plans of getting another dog for a while.  Maybe it will take time for us to heal and to forget.

  1. oh.. sorry to hear that. they really can give us comfort. hope you can recover soon.

  2. awwwwwwwww…she is precious mars! how sad, she’s a cutie pa naman.

    True, likewise our dog is not just a companion. He’s our first kid…hehehe! he’s turning 12 this year…ayay!

  3. awwww sad. We had a very loyal dog, too. To her we are identified as Nanay, Tatay, Ate, Kuya, which means she was a part of the family. She was pretty old when she died of something that looked like tumors on her tummy. buhuhuhu

  4. im sorry for your loss… but im sure you’ll get through this… she’s in a better place now with God and she’ll always be your darling….

    Godbless :)

  5. :cry: i feel you. i also have a dog who died due to birthing and it was indeed painful. time heals wounds…trust me… :grin:

  6. cool tricks doggy :D dogs aren’t just dogs, they can be our family too. we misses them when we don’t see them for awhile. i miss having dogs or cats

  7. omg! that is so sad.. i know how you feel. we have 2 cats and we treat them like members of our family. i had a dog once, he had tumor and died in front of us. it was very tragic and some time happy for him coz finally he is not suffering anymore, and died peacefully in front of us. =(

  8. Oh my! I can relate to this, we also have a dog but he’s still around and he’s not getting any younger too. :(

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