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Wishing for an iPad

I’m not a techie, i guess I could never be one even if I wanted too.  Main reason, i’m low gets regarding technology.  (well that’s the truth) honestly, as much as I wanted to learn, it just doesn’t sink in properly in my brain. It’s not that I wanted to learn but it is just my mind is just pre-occupied of some other things.

The second fact is that I don’t have any money to sustain buying new gadgets and the latest technology but i love looking at them and dream of maybe i can win one.

The New iPad has a  stunning Retina display. 5MP iSight camera and ultrafast 4G LTE.

Apple’s New iPad

value at $499.00

To learn more about the new iPad, visit Apple store today!

Well, I’m too happy that after all the dreaming, my wishes was fulfilled.  My new iPad is within reach, all i need is to just claim it.  I’m a very lucky gal as they said. I believe, i’m just a dreamer, who dreams and positively think that I can have it, maybe not today but at least in the very near future.