Starting a travel blog

Know how to start a blog? Tripping and traveling blog can be a lot of work if you don’t know how to start.  Newbie bloggers are very lucky this days since they all have ready access to learn the tricks and steps to start their own blog.

Before, I start using blogger platform since it’s ready available and free to use.   There are many free platforms you can consider , wordpress, tumblr are one of them  but i found blogger as very easy to use but each of us has a different story to tell. What may work for me might not for others.

Starting a blog can raise different problems and with the help of google or yahoo , you can easily get result on your inquiry.  Joining different blogger networks can also help you increase your knowledge.

Travel blogs are basically telling your story about your recent trips and adventures.  Whether it’s travel abroad or within your country.  It’s always good and refreshing to read trip and travel blogs since you can get an idea of a new place even before you visited them.

When starting a travel blog, you must also consider the thoughts of your readers and not just what you wanted, afterall you are doing this to guide and help them to experience a great travel on destination you have just written.