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Latest Outdoor Needs

Majority of us loves to travel.  Whether it would be on a nearby sea, forest or mountains, gadgets are surely needed to complete that trip. Essential outdoor gadgets like easy shot video camera, solar lights,  tents, knifes, flash light are one of the common gadgets needed when going outdoor hiking.   Don’t forget to bring north face down coat, it can be handy when the weather becomes colder.

I have seen this bluetooth speaker in the net and I found it really interesting.  I recommend this for all music lover.

portable bluetooth speaker – img from gadgetmac.com

This tent is perfect to bring during field trips or family outing.  I love the dainty color, the circle design looks really refreshing. My kids would totally love to have an outdoor camping using this tent.

outdoor tent

outdoor tent



Staying fit this summer

Every body is preparing their way on staying fit this summer not just for the same reason that you wanted to fit in your new teeny weeny bikini  but isn’t it nice to  know that african mango plus reviews  really works and you get to know why being fit is not just fabulous but having a healthy body is what you need not just this summer but for the whole year.

Staying fit may not be that easy for me with all those yummy treats that i have been eating and not to mention the foods from our office which I can consider is really out of the healthy pyramids.  There are many ways to stay fit and i am hoping that i can do even a few of it.  Starting from drinking eight glasses of water everyday which unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Seeing one, makes me remember my father. He used this sunglasses for a long time and I bet if he is still alive, he will eventually buy the new Ray Ban Aviator because it’s trendy and fashionable.

Ray Ban Aviator

Honestly, I wanted one for myself but checking out the price makes me back out because I have many other things to prioritize and buying for myself is out of my budget.  But if I would be given a chance to buy a new sunglasses, I would prefer Ray Ban because i know it’s durable and the style can last for a long time and the price is worth it.

Hit that Heat

Our weather is so erratic this days and thus makes my head aches and sometimes i just want to hit it but i know it would not help solve the problem.  The real problem is the weather and even our electric fan was already at full blast and was directed to me, i can still feel the heat.  I guess it’s time to buy an aircon but just thinking the additional expenses that we will incur makes me step back.

Hubby suggested that ceiling fans would be best especially for our little newborn darling.  I thought it would be nice too but i was afraid that it might fell down.  Just a silly thought from me but no kidding, i was a little bit pessimistic of the idea.  I know it would really be a great help so if this heat will still lingers for a while, i would really go to the idea of buying a new ceiling fan.

Summer to Remember

Each summer is a day for a fun filled event for my family, we usually had an out of town or a weekend get-away but this year is far more different than the other years because our little  baby was born, we could not go out and enjoy the smell of the ocean or just play around with the pool.

Although, we missed to have a summer outing this year, we were so happy because we have a new addition in the family. Another thing,  even though I’m in maternity leave, i’ll get a chance to visit even for a short while my hometown and a chance to meet new moms /friends from the net.

I have known Mommy Ineng two years ago, we had constant chit chats and we share the same passion on joining contests and magazine appearances for our little kids.

Her son jeff can be seen in many billboards of Camella Homes around the metro and maybe in your place too and I wonder how much is the TF , Mommy Ineng receives from this one (he he he)

I am really happy that at last after all this years, we were given a chance to finally meet even for a short while.

Two days after meeting Mommy Ineng, I met Mommy Fedhz, a fellow blogger and the one who have made my badge for my recent giveaway at Fashion & Passion Online Blogging Contest.  She and her family visits  Camarines Sur because of the recent 100 North Face RunRace contest which they were among the participants.

Even if it was our first time to see each other, it was very memorable and lot’s of fun.  My Peachy enjoys the time she spent with Yz, her beautiful daughter

and i really had a grand time exploring CWC even more and for the extra bonus, I get a chance to eat the famous Fedhz polvoron.  Weeh:)

Really a wonderful summer to remember.

Mommy Moments – Summer Time is here

Last friday, we were not able to join because our Peachy is still not studying.  We always love summer, it’s the time of year we get to enjoy going out of town or just having a great vacation nearby.

Last Saturday we went to CWC and we really enjoy the day.  Peachy was so eager to make her first swimming lessons with daddy.  She really loves the water and she was really trying to manage her way without any help from mommy.  She even said “alis mommy, alis dyan. LOL.

my happy family

Till Next Friday:  Visit Mommy Journey for more Summer fun!

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