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And down I go – Ways to make your stairs safe

For the second time around, i fell down from our stairs.  Honestly, our stairs is not  slippery considering the fact that it has no tiles yet.  But the main reason is my wet feet and my slippers is not that good or perhaps it was me all along.

My butt still aches and I got a small bruise on my arms and i had a hard time using my left arm because i used it to balance myself.   Lucky me, because there were no other problems.

Keep your stairs safe

So, i thought, it would just be wise to share this ways on how to make your stairs safe especially if you have little children.  ( I guess for clumsy adult like me too)

  • Make sure to clear your stairs of clutter so as avoid stumbling from them. Clutters are hazard and can cause you to spill when your holding your small kid while walking down the stairs.
  • Make sure that there is an adequate lighting.  Don’t walk in a dark stairs, use the light if necessary.
  • The surface should not be slippery.  Always remain it clean and dry.
  • If your rails are made of wood, make sure that it was sturdy.  Replace any broken rail or pieces.

It is always pays to be safe.  I don’t want to fall down again and suffer this hurt.