Space Maximising Tips for Small Homes

A small home doesn’t have to mean that you don’t have much space, it just means that you will take a bit more care when organising how you are going to use the space. There are heaps of ways to make a small space feel a lot bigger, simply by choosing to do things a little bit differently to how you would in a larger home. Here are some tips for maximising space in a smaller home.

Choose Smart Furniture

Furniture that serves multiple functions, folds away or can be enlarged when needed, is best for maximum use of space in a small home. A chest or ottoman can provide a place to stash blankets, books and unused items while also being a seating option, or foot stool. A dining table that can be made larger or smaller is a great way to maximise space. There are so many innovative furniture ideas for maximising space once you start to think about it and see what’s available.

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Loft Bed

The loft bed is one of the most awesome space saving inventions yet. Since we only sleep, generally for up to 10 hours a day, that bed space is space that could be utilised for other things. The loft bed is the answer to making great use of that space. You are able to put your desk, shelves or chest of drawers underneath to get maximum use out of that space. There are loads of different designs of loft beds in Australia suited to any home!

Less is More

Get rid of clutter. If you have a small home, it’s a great reason to keep clutter to a minimum. Things that you don’t need, don’t need to be in your home, so get rid of them! The less clutter that you have around will make the space feel bigger and more spacious. It will also make you feel a lot lighter to have got rid of all the junk that you don’t need.


A mirror can really make a room look a lot bigger by providing that illusion of space. Placing a large wall mirror in a position where it can reflect light will add a lot to your room and make it seem heaps bigger than it really is. If you are on a budget and can’t afford to buy one brand new, then check out flea markets and second hand shops as they usually have them laying around.


Where there is light, there is space, so let the light in. If you have large windows leave them uncovered to allow maximum light as it will make the room seem a lot bigger. If you have a lovely view outside then large glass windows will bring it in and make the room more spacious.

Light Hues

Choosing lighter hues for your decorating is a great way to keep it feeling spacious and light. The more light that you let in the better, so go for lighter colours when decorating to allow your space to be lighter and brighter.