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Sunday Service

I remember the times when I used to join a congregation back then in Manila, it was a nice place, with lots of chapel chairs, lovely and nice people and lots of praising and singing.

 My grand mother is a catholic and I’m studying on an all girls catholic school, so just imagine her anger when she learned that I was going on a different sunday service beside the church we used to go to each sunday.

But because she loves me and she sees that I’m doing well and helping those little children to learn the Good word, she open her heart and understand me dearly.

Communion gifts

I can still remember the day of my first communion.  I was so excited one saturday,  that i wake up too early, eat my breakfast and take a bath and grab my white communion dress only to found out that my communion will be in the afternoon.


That’s one proof of me being silly but i guess all children having their first communion experience is very excited in one way and another. First Communions are one of the important event in a catholic church, it’s the first time we felt that we are adult in some way and we are now ready to have the christian strength and attitude that is why some parents gave their children   personalized holy communion gift to commemorate and remember that special day in their children’s religious life.