Living in drastic times

Thinking of the past days me realize how tiring it has been.  Juggling with family duties and working in the morning and keeping updates with my blogs on the evening. Sometimes, I wish i have a different life, something less stressful and easy but for people like me should need to strive hard to achieve the dreams that I have for my own and my family.

Life is not as easy as others look at it.  It needs courage, perseverance and lots of patience but then I always wish that i could even have a psychics mind to at least be ready on whatever the day could give me or somewhat I can have a heart to shield me on heartaches and painful situation but then I’m not born that way and if i could have that power to know the future, things would change in my life too but it’s also a burden that I need to carry because the pressure could be different.

And i don’t even know if i could handle such great responsibility because knowing what will happen , i would always have the heart to help others to prevent such bad circumstances and it would probably change the course of destiny and that i guess would be something big to handle again.

So, i guess i have to stop dreaming and live in reality and make the best out of what i have now.