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Lovely Hearts – A mug confession

A beautiful day starts with a bright morning.  Keeping your morning alive with a smile in your lips can affect your mood for the day.  It’s easy to say that we need to wake up each morning with a smile and gladness in our heart especially if things are rough.

But it always pays to think positive and live a life with good things in mind.  Valentines is just around the corner, for a coffee lover like me, looking at this mug with heart designs really makes me happy. Even though life is hard sometimes, drinking a cup of coffee along with a friend or a love and sorting things out can somehow lift your spirit.

the goodness of love

There may be sometimes that things may not work as what we planned it. We may fall but remember that nothing can destroy our faith if we will just hold on and be courageous enough to face the reality and do things to make it better.