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Time to let go – Saying goodbye to your pet

Knowing the truth can sometimes hurt, the only consolation is you were given time to accept and realize that life is just borrowed time. Saying good bye is a very hard thing to do especially if your pet has been a part of your life for many years.

It’s been days that our Chi-Chi was in pain. Looking very pale, hubby will just spoon fed her so she can regain her strength but days goes by, nothing had changed and her condition just got worse.    Last saturday, hubby and I decided to bring her to a veterinarian to know the real reason behind her sudden sickness.

Based on the symptoms we have said, the doctor presumed that she might have pyometra,  a disease that usually occurs on dogs 6 years and older that has never been neutered.  When we brought her, no laboratory or xray was needed to confirm the truth that she was indeed suffering from this sickness.  My heart shuttered when I have heard about it and the fact was all showing that there is a small chance for her to recover if she would not undergone an operation considering the circumstances that she is already old and there’s a 50 /50 chances that she can able to survive the operation.

Talking to our veterinarian, we have to weigh in the options and if treatments is still an option. We bring her home and buy some antibiotics, vitamins and antacids.  The vet told us that if she doesn’t eat overnight we need to confine her in the clinic so she can receive special care and medicines too.

chi-chi’s last picture

Choosing whether or not to euthanize your sick dog especially if she was already on her old age is still a very difficult task to do. Everything seems out of place.  I felt like I’m losing a friend and a baby in the process. Considering the years that we have been waiting for a baby and Chi-chi is the one i have given all my attention and time. It is never an easy decision for me and my family but we have to act fast considering her present situation and we could not bear seeing her in pain.

Hubby had told me to make the decision if we should let her go but I can only answer with tears.  Hubby finally told me that it is time to bid goodbye as there’s no solid hope for her and I could not bear to see her growing weak day by day and just wait for her to expire. With a heavy heart, i have to let her go and just remember her with a smile in my heart .  There’s a saying that all dogs goes to heaven and I know she was already there beside our creator.