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Paternity examination and it’s cause

Many of you have heard about dna examination and paternity examination but little did you know that Paternity-Answers.com for paternity testing has been one of the reliable sources that you can found this day. 

Having a child is one of the beautiful things in a woman’s life and knowing about it for the first time can be ecstatic but when things went wrong with the one you have in a relationship and a test should be done to prove the doubts, sometimes, it will become a burden for the mother especially if she is still having the child in her womb.

It can be emotional but knowing the fact is more important than anything and having a paternity examination can prove all of that.

Rainy Days are Here

Rainy days are definitely here.  Make sure you and your kids are prepared for that.  Don’t forget your umbrella as I usually does .

You might be wondering why this post was here.  Well, unfortunately I accidentally make my other blog down.  I was trying to make an automatic wordpress update and then suddenly all I have is a white page with all those fatal error….   the sad thing, that website does not have a control panel and I have to wait for my host to read my e-mail so she can work on it , now I wonder when will it be?  Wishing, hoping that it will be soon……


Milk oh Milk

Being a mother has a lots of responsibilities, not just physically or your effort but also we needed to earn to help our husband for our monthly needs and buy our babies  milk.

milk oh milk

Ooh, just thinking how much is a can of milk now a days makes my head aches but when i look at my little kids, i forgot all my troubles and give me smile in my heart.

my lovely family

Smiling Sally

Mapanghingi ka ba?

That’s a question I would gladly answer.  Yes, I am.  In fact i remember my childhood days when i always ask my grandmother for anything that came out of my mind, a simple candy, a toy perhaps, jack stones, rubber band and i even cried so she would buy me a yoyo because all my neighbor friends has one.    Maybe, it’s a part of being a child that we always wanted something even if it’s not really important.

I even remember always visiting the image of  St. Anthony , the patron saint for lost person and keep on asking him to let me see my long lost biological mother. As I grow old, i still keep on dreaming what i wanted in life and asking the Good Lord to fulfill my dreams and wishes.  Sometimes, it do happens but sometimes it does not.

my childhood memories

I remember praying and asking Him to heal my father and gave him another chance to live but maybe it was his time and I could not do anything about it. (he died two months after my wedding day)

I asked and asked for a child to come and after two miscarriages and lost hopes to bear a child she gave me one adorable daughter who helped me cope up with the lost of my father and to bind my marriage.

something to live by

and now even i’m not asking He gave me a reason to ask for good health, happy life,  safe delivery and a healthy child.

a mother's wish

Mapanghingi ba ako? What do you think, the answer will be a big YES!

This is my official entry to Mapanghingi ka ba 1′st anniversary giveaway!