Musicians Bestfriend

Although, we are not musicians nor had a background on doing one.  I thought, it would be very fast to save on rode videomic at musicians friend since they are very easy to purchase.  If you knew the different music materials, later on, you will surely be viewing that music materials are not as easy to be found.

I have been thinking of buying a music instrument, but i don’t have the slightest idea on how find the products.

New stage designs to love

When everybody thinks about new stage lights at guitar center, there thoughts will always be , that it was used mainly for concert or events purposes since they are made with the highest quality.  Although, it would look good in studios,  such things would also be perfect for all music enthusiast that having one in the comfort of their own home would be very convenient.

I have always admire music artists and their talent and capacity not just to sing but to mesmerizer the viewers.  If there would be new musicians, i would still encourage them about this incident and how they can able to carry on after the incident.

Music and Me

I have always loved music but i guess music doesn’t love me at all.   I don’t have any idea on playing any music instrument, music accessories like epiphone valve junior hot rod music123 would be very hard for me to grasp.  I guess, there are people that was born musically inclined and the few exceptions includes me.

I guess having a good voice was also hereditary, my mother’s family are all good singers and they really sang well , so I guess, i have inherited my father voice who also sings out of tune.

Whether out of tune or hitting the right notes, we all need to sing a different tune especially with what life could offer to us.