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Di Lang Ako basta Babae

I’m not just a woman!  I am a woman of honor and pride.  A woman who is trying to be a good wife and mother to her children.

Modess Angel

Many people knows my story and my struggles in life. I was abandon by my own mother at my early age.  I was physically abused by my father and I had a hard time living my life through my college days.   Yes, my childhood is not perfect, I have suffered so much pain and misery that sometimes I thought I could not go on with my life but I am always grateful for giving me the opportunity to meet people that helped me in their own simple way.  They give me inspiration, courage and light and I will always considered them as Angel in my Life.    That’s why, in my own simple way, I would like to share and inspire others too through my blogs and my advocate.

Not every woman is leading the same path I have now, there are many woman who are suffering from abusive hands and many still violates woman rights.  I do hope and wish that they finally have the courage to fight and believe in their own capacity.  We are supposed to be loved, honor and taken care of.

My little Angels

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