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A day with my online friends

A day with my Online Friends

The internet have been my very beneficial to me not just because it gives me additional income and help me win several contests but through it, i was able to meet lovely friends who share a common passion.

My online sis

Last month, i was able to meet two of my online friends, Mommy Hilda and Mommy Ria  with the addition of Sis Arnie  who also lives here in Naga City. It was a fun-filled evening of endless chatting.

With My online friends at SM Naga City (image from Mommy Hilda)

I am very thankful for the chance to finally meet them and it was too sad because the day is so short for us to complete our chit chats.  See you online  :)

Blue Monday - Ruby TuesdayWednesday Whites

Rednesday  Mellow Yellow Monday - Memory Lane Monday

Outrageous Hat

I have seen different hats but i have never seen something outrageous like this. I guess in terms of style and ingenuity, Lady Gaga would be the number one in my list.

She had shown the media/public many times how she can be a trendsetter and she was able to pull a different design of dresses, hats and her music is also a major hit in any country.  But seeing her wearing her own hair as her hat is really something worth looking at.  Outrageous but really rocks!

Lady Gaga's Outrageous Hair Hat (via net)

The details are just creative don’t you think? I wonder how many hours they prepared this one?

Favorite Photo Monday

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.com

Freddy Krueger Fedoras Hat

Who would forget Freddy Krueger, his horrifying face, his big claws and his crook smile.  Whenever I saw a man wearing Fedoras Hats, the first thing that came up in my mind is the movie Nightmare on Elm Street and it’s succeeding series.

Freddy Krueger is a fictional character in the movie, a  disfigured dream stalker who had a  glove armed with razors that kill his victims during their dreams, ultimately causing their deaths in the real world.  When I first saw this movie, i could not sleep for a while, I was thinking, that he was true and he might come and visit me in my dream and I would not be able to come back to life.

Freddy Krueger and his Fedoras Hat

 I was paranoid for a while and whenever i saw someone wearing red stripes and a hat, I thought, he was Freddy disguised in a different form.  Well, i believe, if your still young, you ought to believe just anything.

For me, Nightmare on Elm Street was still one of the best scary movie and Freddy Krueger and Jason is still the best villain that I hate most.

WBFC # 26

This week sponsors are Chika Bits and Dens Online.

Joining again for another WBFC this week.  Same rule but new home for the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.   Follow me via GFC, leave a comment here so i can follow you back.  Thanks again!

Pink for October

Would you believe that Pink is not really my favorite color? I am more of a blue person, that’s something new you would know about me.  When I was a child and up to my high school days, I always prefer blue over pink, it’s perhaps I am always blue and being a kulasa (scholastican) makes me love blue and that’s one good reason that I love blue but another reason is , i thought that the blue sky is lovely and just looking at it makes my day brighter.

My father is the one who loves pink, we even joke that when we have our new home, he will paint his room pink and mine will still be blue.  But as time goes by, I have learned to appreciate pink and see the real meaning of it.

In my college days, i have been aware about Breast Cancer and the cause that goes around during October and from that time, i have bought pink shirt to show my support and even bought a breast cancer awareness  pin. I have always been an advocate of woman rights, joining different organization and being an organizer of different woman events myself gives me solid bond to embrace womanhood.

Pink for October

So, in my own simple way, I wanted to show the world the true value of being a woman.  Strong, full of hope and faith a midst the different trial of life and even in sickness, solid and  full of determination,  that’s what the real meaning of PINK.

Cover Model

SP cover


It is always my dream for me and my baby to be in the magazine cover.  I guess that would just be a dream but luckily Smart parenting had given the opportunity for moms to experience even just for souvenir on how to be in front page of a make believe magazine.

It was indeed a lot of fun and i will cherish this picture for as long as i can remember.

Rainy Days are Here

Rainy days are definitely here.  Make sure you and your kids are prepared for that.  Don’t forget your umbrella as I usually does .

You might be wondering why this post was here.  Well, unfortunately I accidentally make my other blog down.  I was trying to make an automatic wordpress update and then suddenly all I have is a white page with all those fatal error….   the sad thing, that website does not have a control panel and I have to wait for my host to read my e-mail so she can work on it , now I wonder when will it be?  Wishing, hoping that it will be soon……


Wednesday White #1

From today, this site of mine will be joining Wednesday White , a new meme hosted by Mommy Raya, although white is not my favorite color, i always admire white because of its’s simplicity and pureness.  I always remember that i don’t wear white pants because it will easily get dirty, “Oh, i’m a very clumsy gal”

So, here is my first share of white with you!  I wanted to begin with my wedding day!  I think this is my perfect white dream and I always smile when i saw this pictures.

Summer to Remember

Each summer is a day for a fun filled event for my family, we usually had an out of town or a weekend get-away but this year is far more different than the other years because our little  baby was born, we could not go out and enjoy the smell of the ocean or just play around with the pool.

Although, we missed to have a summer outing this year, we were so happy because we have a new addition in the family. Another thing,  even though I’m in maternity leave, i’ll get a chance to visit even for a short while my hometown and a chance to meet new moms /friends from the net.

I have known Mommy Ineng two years ago, we had constant chit chats and we share the same passion on joining contests and magazine appearances for our little kids.

Her son jeff can be seen in many billboards of Camella Homes around the metro and maybe in your place too and I wonder how much is the TF , Mommy Ineng receives from this one (he he he)

I am really happy that at last after all this years, we were given a chance to finally meet even for a short while.

Two days after meeting Mommy Ineng, I met Mommy Fedhz, a fellow blogger and the one who have made my badge for my recent giveaway at Fashion & Passion Online Blogging Contest.  She and her family visits  Camarines Sur because of the recent 100 North Face RunRace contest which they were among the participants.

Even if it was our first time to see each other, it was very memorable and lot’s of fun.  My Peachy enjoys the time she spent with Yz, her beautiful daughter

and i really had a grand time exploring CWC even more and for the extra bonus, I get a chance to eat the famous Fedhz polvoron.  Weeh:)

Really a wonderful summer to remember.

GT contest

A blog makeover?  Whooah!  That would really be awesome.  I have been wanting to have one but i just could not afford it for the time being.  That’s why , I’m so happy and wishing to win a blog makeover from GT’s very own Kaye of Wahmaholic.

So, what’s in store for a lucky blogger like me! (hi, hi)

  • a two-column Blogger or WordPress template by WAHMaholic Blog Designs worth $70
  • blog-ad ons of your choice worth $40
  • a custom-illustrated blog header courtesy of VectorDad.com worth $50

It’s really great and knowing how Kaye can make your blog into something so adorable like Peachy’s Desire.  As much as I wanted it all for myself (hi, hi) but I’m not that too greedy. So, what are you waiting for?  Head on to the contest page and you might be the lucky winner!   You only have until May 3 , so hurry up!