Living in Luxury

What would you do if you have all the money in the world to spent?  Would you spent them in Luxury products  or indulge your self with luxury travels or beautiful mansions with lots of different luxurious cars?

I bet that would be awesome and somehow it’s a dream of not just the few people in the world but each of those who dreams a lot for a good fortune and future of their family.  Yet thinking about it, it’s not as easy as we have imagine to achieve something as grand as this.  Unless, you won a $50,000,000 lottery and perhaps you can do all this things in the same time.

But given a chance, i would definitely love to have a Caribbean cruise.  I have heard so much about it and dreams of sailing across the ocean on a yacht surrounded with people i love, enjoying the beautiful sunset and sunrise while sipping Don Perignon or eating my favorite pasta with feta cheese and turmeric chicken.


Enjoying a lovely swim on this  infinity pool with the view of the beautiful  sea nearby. This perhaps maybe a dream for average people like me but for those who has the money to spent, this luxurious things are just a piece of cake.

Money for them is just a thing and spending them with all their liking is just as easy as counting one to three.  I only hope that while they spend this money with luxurious things, they can able to realize that our earth is deteriorating and helping in advocacy to ensure a better future for others is far more important that spending their money in nothing.