Secret Marriage – is there such one?

I have encounter this word many times in the past.  A couple having a secret marriage to conceal it to their friends or family.  But is secret marriage really possible and is it really binding under the law?

Before you can be legally married, you need to  fulfill the pre-requisites which is either getting a marriage license or executing an affidavit of cohabitation if you are already living together as husband and wife for at least five years.  Today, a certificate of CENOMAR or certificate of no marriage is already added as pre-requisites by courts which you can secure at NSO or National Statistics Office,  this is to ensure that the couple has no legal impediments to marry each other.

Normally, there are certain peoples who can perform the marriage rites depends on what religion you belong  and if they have the authority to perform such rites.  For instance, the common officiating officers are judges and priests.  But since we are talking about secret marriage , the couple wouldn’t marry on church since you wanted your marriage to be secret, since marrying in church requires “informing the people that a certain woman is marrying this certain man and it was done once every week for three consecutive weeks” which was called “pagtawag”, so a secret union is impossible.

So, if you will be marrying without complying the pre-requisites, possible that your marriage is not valid and can be a ground for annulment or dissolution of marriage later when problems occurs or arises in your relationship.

So,  secret marriage is not  possible because except for the couple, you need at least two people to be your witnesses unless you have no intentions of legalizing your marriage which would only be beneficial for two people who only wanted a ritual or ceremony of marriage without any legal bind.