What’s in your Shopping List?

Going to the grocery store?  Do you make a list of what you should buy?  If your the one who just go to the grocery and buy the things you saw then probably you are spending much and not within your budget.

Before, i used to be one, i just went to the grocery store, pick the things i thought we needed for the house and i end up buying the things that are not really needed and i forgot the one which is really needed.  So now, i make a list on a small piece of paper of all the things i needed to buy.

Number one in  my list is the foods we need to prepare for the week. Vegetables, meats, baby foods and healthy foods to eat.

And then the things that are needed for the laundry, soap, personal necessities that we can’t live without like shampoo,soap, toothpaste. Sometimes, we buy some things that we less needed like the things my daughter would love too but i always make it sure that it would not go far from the budget which we have set for that time, after all there are some things that needed to be paid and bought.

And did i forgot to mention that i always love buying things with free items or discounted perhaps but make sure you only buy what you needed or else you will end up buying and keeping them in the closet.

So, what do you have in your list?

Beauty for a Cause

Beauty for a Cause Giveaway

Last December, I plan to host a giveaway and solicit help from some blogger friends but due to the unfortunate turn of events with Sendong causing a major destruction in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan, I have decided that the paypal money I have gathered would be a little help to our fellow bloggers who suffered the wrath of Sendong and  instead another giveaway with a different prize will just be held as my gratitude to my fellow bloggers who pledge their support for this contest.

We always wanted to be beautiful, make-up can enhance our looks and can actually change the appearance of a woman.  Sometimes, I have no time to apply a full make-up , that’s were my Maybelline BB Cream comes handy,  I will just apply them to my clean face and blend with some face powder and add a little lipstick and I am opt to go to work or to the grocery.  But if there are special occasion that’s the time I got the chance to play with make-up and create a different look.   I am not an expert in this field, following tips are just based on my personal experience.

Choose the right colors that will complement your tones, although we wanted to be as beautiful as the model in that magazine, we need to think into consideration the blending , color and right tones so as not to overpower our face and our over all look.

Selecting the foundation color is the first step, make sure that it stays true to your skin color and of course the weather.  Choose the color that can complement your eyes and before applying them, conceptualize if the color will look good in you.  Earth tone colors are best for every skin tone but I always love bright colors, don’t hesitate to try out different shades.

Last but not the least, choose a lipstick that blends to your make-up. I always prefer mauve colors but I will definitely love a red luscious lips. What about you, do you have some tips to share with me.

(this is just a sample of Maybelline products- this is not the actual prize)

Get a chance to win my favorite Maybelline products worth Php. 1,000 by doing such simple tasks (liking facebook page, twitter and some extra points for other task)  If your a blogger and you want to blog about this contest.  Please do so by sharing your personal tips with the words, Love, life, living and a url of this site. Leave the url here and your e-mail address, so i can contact you in case your the winner. 

Now, why Maybelline?  It is not that I am promoting their company, it’s a personal choice considering that I have been using their cosmetics for years now and I wanted to share them with my readers.

P.S. This contest is in no way connected to Maybelline . Open to all Philippine readers.  Please allow me sometime to shipped the products to you.

1 Winner will win Maybelline cosmetics worth Php.1,000.00 (Blogger or non-blogger can win this)

1 Blogger (who will blog about the contest) will win a cosmetic bag with assorted products.  (Please post your post url on the comment section so I can count them as your entry)

Again, let me show my gratitude to my blogger friends who made this contest possible :)

Vix, Eihdra,Thess, Nora,Ruby,  Marose,Gene,Ryanne,


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Product developments

Assisting costumers to products not particularly known by them.  Product development is something I am not good at.  I guess, it was just not my field.       Although product developments are easy to think and make, finding a solid foundation or company likefluid technologies can give you the briefing you will need for the  next hours.

I wish I know how to create product development or just make the appropriate website for it but the laziness in me and the thought that I would not do it is more visible than usual.

I guess, every products can be achieved by the right help and professional minded person, something Filipino are still lacking.

TV reviews

I never had a chance to view any shows on the cable right now because when we left our old house, we were not able to have a new cable connection in our house but we planned to have it reconnect by next year when things goes well again. My daughter missed watching children shows and she was just watching them now at dvd’s.  I remember hubby used to watch weight shows and he once encountered a jack3d reviews and he find it useful.  He is gaining weight right now and it is very important for him to have a supplement to main his body healthy.

Health is Wealth

Our health is our wealth and by keeping our body healthy we can have a sound mind and can do whatever we can.  I have found a supplements for weight loss offered by a friend of mine and she told me the benefits of it but until now i am still undecided whether to take one because i am planning to have a breast feed for my baby.  I hope that everything goes well and I am on my way again to a healthy living and will try to remove this excess bulge in my body.