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Living the Life

It’s been half way for the first month of this year.  At this time, your holiday decorations have already been packed on the box and goes to the storage room to be used on the next christmas season.  This year maybe uncertain to us but one thing is for sure, with high hopes, we will going to make it fruitful achieving     our dreams.

Living the life we have always wanted is not as easy as we think, there are trials and problems along the way, i wish it would be as easy as it is but that’s not what life is.  Each of us is dreaming a good life, travelling to beautiful places while holding a champagne on the right hand and a nicaragua cigars on the left while enjoying the beauty of the sun and the sea but before we can achieve such expensive travels, we need to work hard and live one day at a time.

lindsay lohan

lindsay lohan

But who knows on the near future, we maybe able to achieve all that and we are all looking forward on that .

Life as I see It

It’s been a while since i made a post in this site as you can see it was down for several days because of that hackers and spammers and now that’s back to the web, I’m still contemplating on what I should do to avoid future attacks .  I have seen and read some ideas on how i can block an attack but still I’m not a techie to fully comprehend and in the same time I don’t have any money to buy certain products to block attacks like this.  All i can do is to take extra precaution which I have been doing for several months,

  • changing my passwords and making sure it’s not easy to remember.
  • limiting my plugins to something i believe is reliable 
  • making a back -up to make sure that i would not lose such precious posts.  
Since the problem with this site is already solve for now, I am still waiting for my other site to be cleaned and back to it’s normal working state and I hope it will be the soonest time.  Back to my life, it’s been good for a while and busy with work and the kids and as you know, I have been participating in some blog hopping to help lower my alexa ranking.  It’s been a while and it’s a great help not with this blog but with my other site which i think truly needs traffic.  
But today, someone really irked me and yes, I have always told myself that i need to be calm but I don’t know if you can be calm with a person who think he knows it all. I guess, we have been living in a world with different minds and different point of views and yes, we are all entitled on what we think is right but i guess, being discreet is always prime and important and i guess that’s something that person is lacking.

Life with Passion

When we think about our life and the things we do, do we think that we are just like blank labels that doesn’t know where to go to?  Atleast, labels has the chance to have names and be branded but what about us, do we have that burning passion in our life to be able to do the things we love.

live your passion in life

image via net

 Some would say that life is simple but others would find it difficult.  Life is short that we need to find our passion for our life to be fruitful but it’s easy said than done. Some people may look for a lifetime but they could not find what they are searching for, it is because they may be blinded on their desire.  Sometimes, we have that burning desire to do the things we like and love but opportunity is hard for us to find and we end up always catching up for those things.

when sorry is not enough

When sorry is not enough

Each of us might have received spanking or verbal abuse in our life and we don’t want to reminisce that time in our life but being a battered woman is a different story.

Sometimes, i would ask myself how do abusive person becomes abusive?  I am trying to recover from the past events of my life.  My father becomes alcoholic and there were days and nights that he was a drunken rageaholic and the helpless me could not do anything about it and i will just sink in to a dream.  There was a time, that i could not bear the beating that i have to leave home and live with my grand mother but, i have to rush coming home with a threat that our house would be burned into ashes.

There were times that i just let the evening pass at the Baclaran Church or stay a night or two with my friend’s house.   Sometimes, i would ask myself why i have to stay in an abusive life and realize that i have little choices and i have to bear.

when sorry is not enough

image source- free digital photos

They say people become abusive because of some genetics, emotional or even physical child abuse.  An abuser becomes one because he might have experienced abused in his life or perhaps another reason is that he had received so much attention and becomes spoiled.  Studies shows that men believes that they are superior and they think that it is their right, and entitlement to  abuse or control the woman.

My father’s mother is strict yet she spoiled him and he had a miserable marriage that he will always blame me the reasons of why his life was ruined.  For a little girl, learning that fact is somehow trivial and for blaming me with his life is somehow very unreasonable.

I thought that physical abused like holding a knife to to you, spanking you with a stick broom, a wood, banging your head on a post, slapping your face, humiliate you in front of others, hollering in front of strangers can just be found in a movie or television scene but it does happen in real life and that’s a sad reality.

After some realization, he will say sorry and a promise that it will never happened again but this is just an act that never happened until one day, i find a way to be out on his life for good.  I could not say that i married young because i have been able to fulfill my promise on the death bed of my grand mother that i will finish my study.  After graduation, i decided that i will definitely leave my father for good so i would never receive the emotional and physical abuse that i have suffered for years.

They say that physiological abuse is more damaging than physical abuse and when love becomes a traumatic experiences. When i remember the sad days of my life, i cry and becomes angry with my father but then i felt alone again and wish he was still alive so i can have someone to talk with.

I have been into great depression and emotional turmoil in my life that comes into suicidal attempt and when i thought i was over it, reality comes back and i have to face it all again.

How can you know if someone have changed when he still blames you for an abusive act and when someone convinces that it was really you that was crazy afterall. Now, you would ask yourself that things bound to happen because you let it and you have come into realization that part of your life is not yet over and you have to bear with it all over again.

They say that when you suffered abused in your life, there is a tendency that you will abuse your children in the future.  I do hope that this will not happen because i am just continuing the chain but what can i do if i am not the one whose bringing the pain .  When would i realize that i have the will and power to stop it.

Believing is the key for a successful life

Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.

Norman Vincent Peale

Believe in yourself

In times of great troubles, that’s the time i most remember my father.  Even if our life was not in the best of condition, he always gives and fees me of inspirational quotes and hope, if there is one believer of hope and dreams, i guess that’s my father.

Even at the midst of great trials and problems, he would say to me that we should Thank God for this opportunity to grow and to be able to survive the length of it.  I wish i can be as tough as him or a more believer like him but i guess, i’m always the worrier and the sponge of stresses of life.

Norman Vincent Peale is one of the great authors he really admire and the inspirational quotes of him was always the words of my father to me.  Maybe the same reason that I am not successful is the fact that i lack believing in my self. I have little faith and that’s what breaks me sometime.

Although my father always have his failures in life, i know that somehow he had died happily because he have seen and witness his one true wish, and that is to see his family together, laughing and having a forgiving heart.

When did you feel your life is important?

When was the last time you say thank you for the life you have right now.  For all the blessings each day, for the breath that you take, for every happiness or loneliness that you felt?  When did you feel your life is important?

Life is beautiful. Give Thanks

Each passing day, we tend to forget how important our life is.  It must be because we are too busy with our life tending the things we need to do.  Each time, me and my husband would travel with our motorcycle, we make sure that we are wearing a  helmet,  KBC VR4R , it is not just we don’t want to be flagged down and get a citation ticket but it is always good to be safe.

Accidents are very often on the road and we don’t want to risk anything. Life is very important as we have our young children who are dependent to us and we have many dreams and aspirations to pursue. So, each time you went on the road with your motorcycle, make sure your wearing your helmets and check your breaks.   Keep safe always and don’t forget to pray for guidance.

I’m selfish, impatient and insecure.

I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Sometimes, i don’t know why it was the basic attitude of many women to become selfish, impatient and insecure .  I am trying my best to become patient and more positive towards life but then blame it to whatever you wanted to blame.  Again, it’s a part that we wanted to blame someone or just anything to disguise the truth of what we really are.

as insecure as you can be

Insecurity, a feeling of uncertainty or just a feeling of nervousness.  Insecurity is very common for all of us from time to time and if you would deny the fact, it’s just foolish.  Insecurities and selfishness can hold us back and lose our confidence to move forward but this truth should never be denied but needed correction and acceptance so we can overcome them.  I believe that I become depressed because of mixed emotions and instead of correcting my selfishness and insecurity, i will just let them brew and wait for the time to tip over and that’s the time that I become more angrier and just wanted to burst them.

So, the next time you feel insecure or getting selfish, look at the mirror and reflect and find peace inside you, so you can able to cope up with the demands of life and be as secure as you can be.

Beauty for a Cause

Beauty for a Cause Giveaway

Last December, I plan to host a giveaway and solicit help from some blogger friends but due to the unfortunate turn of events with Sendong causing a major destruction in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan, I have decided that the paypal money I have gathered would be a little help to our fellow bloggers who suffered the wrath of Sendong and  instead another giveaway with a different prize will just be held as my gratitude to my fellow bloggers who pledge their support for this contest.

We always wanted to be beautiful, make-up can enhance our looks and can actually change the appearance of a woman.  Sometimes, I have no time to apply a full make-up , that’s were my Maybelline BB Cream comes handy,  I will just apply them to my clean face and blend with some face powder and add a little lipstick and I am opt to go to work or to the grocery.  But if there are special occasion that’s the time I got the chance to play with make-up and create a different look.   I am not an expert in this field, following tips are just based on my personal experience.

Choose the right colors that will complement your tones, although we wanted to be as beautiful as the model in that magazine, we need to think into consideration the blending , color and right tones so as not to overpower our face and our over all look.

Selecting the foundation color is the first step, make sure that it stays true to your skin color and of course the weather.  Choose the color that can complement your eyes and before applying them, conceptualize if the color will look good in you.  Earth tone colors are best for every skin tone but I always love bright colors, don’t hesitate to try out different shades.

Last but not the least, choose a lipstick that blends to your make-up. I always prefer mauve colors but I will definitely love a red luscious lips. What about you, do you have some tips to share with me.

(this is just a sample of Maybelline products- this is not the actual prize)

Get a chance to win my favorite Maybelline products worth Php. 1,000 by doing such simple tasks (liking facebook page, twitter and some extra points for other task)  If your a blogger and you want to blog about this contest.  Please do so by sharing your personal tips with the words, Love, life, living and a url of this site. Leave the url here and your e-mail address, so i can contact you in case your the winner. 

Now, why Maybelline?  It is not that I am promoting their company, it’s a personal choice considering that I have been using their cosmetics for years now and I wanted to share them with my readers.

P.S. This contest is in no way connected to Maybelline . Open to all Philippine readers.  Please allow me sometime to shipped the products to you.

1 Winner will win Maybelline cosmetics worth Php.1,000.00 (Blogger or non-blogger can win this)

1 Blogger (who will blog about the contest) will win a cosmetic bag with assorted products.  (Please post your post url on the comment section so I can count them as your entry)

Again, let me show my gratitude to my blogger friends who made this contest possible :)

Vix, Eihdra,Thess, Nora,Ruby,  Marose,Gene,Ryanne,


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A Promise Unfulfilled

I have made many promises in life and I could not count them anymore. It is not that I made them and meant to broke them but sometimes, there are many unavoidable circumstances that take place that I was not able to fulfill such promises.

I know you will agree with me that , don’t make promises unless you are certain to fulfilled them but in my case, i needed some directions of things over me and I could not fulfill my promises well but I do hpe things will be back to normal and I can be able to fulfill all my obligations.

Gold in my eyes

Sometimes It’s hard to be poor, just thinking of the thought that you have nothing in your wallet or pocket is truly distressing and as much as you wanted to cry you could not do that because it would not even give you any good but additional headache.  Sometimes, i wish i was born wealthy so that I have enough money or just some jewelries and gold chains that i can sell when things get rough but then I was not born that way. 

Even though I am already used on this kind of thing, i felt i was in my worst self because I now have someone that relies on me. Before, skipping meals will be an ordinary thing but now not having something to feed your children would simply a disaster. 

I always believe that life is hard and my only hope is that i can give them good education that will prepare their future but I guess good education is not enough to secure the life you will have.