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Renewing the Faith- 3 R’s of Lent

Lent is the time to reminisce the 3 R’s, reflection, repentance and reconciliation. It was indeed a week of soul searching and thinking over the ways we had made the past months.  Sometimes there are things that you cannot change but if you have faith and hope for a brighter day, things will be different and will work out fine.

Last Saturday we visit the miraculous image of “Amang Hinulid”  Holy Sepulcher at Calabanga, Cam. Sur.  It’s good thing because there is only few visitors and the place is not crowded because many people were only went there last thursday and friday.

After that we also went to 3 different churches although we have no pictures of the other church.  It was indeed a busy day, my legs aches because of the long driving but my heart and soul feel refresh and renewed.


This was only done once a year but I do hope the faith in our hearts will always linger each day of the year and we remember that our Good Lord has died for us to save us from our sins.  We cannot be as perfect as much as we wanted to be but I wish that my life will be of service to Him.