Tips for Starting a Flower Garden

A flower garden is a lovely thing that can add a great deal of color and vibrancy to your home, but if you have never tried growing flowers before, you may be feeling a little stumped! The truth is that growing flowers is no different than growing anything else, and if you are someone who wants some color on your property, there are a number of great tips to get you started.

Get Your Soil Checked

Soil is typically measured for its fertility by measuring its levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If your soil is unevenly balanced or lacking something essential, you will not be able to grow the flowers that you want. Getting a soil test done is quick and simple, so send a soil sample off to a lab for your results. This will tell you what kind of fertilizer you need.

Grow Natives

Natives are plants that have always grown in the area. They may not be as diverse or as colorful as invasive plants, but they have several advantages for the new flower gardener. In the first place, they are well-suited to the environment, and they will therefore require only a small amount of care. On top of that, they are often more resistant to the local insects and diseases. If you are not sure which flowers are native, consider contacting your local university extension.

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Raise It Up

When you are thinking about putting in a flower bed, you may be a little nervous about digging down and turning the soil. Many people are now realizing that they do not have to do that at all! Instead, they simply use logs or other barrier methods to create a border, and then they fill that border up with mulch, creating a raised flower bed. A raised flower bed allows you to start with rich soil that you know will be fertile for your flowers.

Starting or Sowing

If you are after a rather wild look for your flower bed, one of the best things that you can do is to simply scatter wildflower seeds over the soil and to see what takes. A wildflower mix is a good way to get lively color in your flower garden. On the other hand, if you would rather have a more measured look for your flower beds, consider starting the seeds inside in peat pots. When the sprouts are about an inch or two in height, they can be transferred outside.


When your flowers are a few inches in height, they are very prone to drought. The best thing that you can do for your seedlings during this rather delicate stage is to make sure that they get enough water. Use a sprinkler and make sure that the ground around your seedlings is soaked for a good twenty to thirty minutes at a time. This prevents them from dying of stress early on.

A flower garden is a lovely thing, so take a moment to consider what flowers might be right for your home and your environment. Brisbane landscaping can help you get started with your own flower garden if it seems a little overwhelming starting it on your own.