Essential Kitchen Utensils

Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, these are just some of the famous names in terms of cooking, some of them may not be familiar with  pv115d from guitar center but one thing is for sure, they have their own favorite essential kitchen tools that they use each time they step in to their cooking haven.

Some can be extravagant and some may be minimalist, so here are some of the essential kitchen utensils that you need on your kitchen.  You can get them on your local store or thrifty store, perhaps you can buy on a yard sale or well loved store whatever the case maybe, make sure to choose the basics, read the labels and keep them affordable.

  • Mitts and hot pads – it’s very important since you don’t want your precious hands touching that hot surface.
  • Set of knives – it doesn’t need to be many but set of essential knives is a good to go for different purposes
  • A can opener – Ooh my, this kitchen utensil is my fave and i used them a lot each day.
  • Tongs and strainer – are just some of the must have on a kitchen. 

There are many utensils and gadgets you needed just to create a simple meal and above are just some of them.