New Jollibee Store opens in Naga City, Cam. Sur

Today, another Jollibee store opens at Gen. Luna St. Naga City.  As informed, it was their 5th store in the city and growing.

Jollibee Mural - ziane

When I came here in Naga, I remember that there is only one Jollibee store in the center business of Naga City and as years passed by, additional stores were built to satisfy the cravings of the Naguenoes.

Since, I was in Manila I have been one of the million loyal customers of Jollibee and their chicken joy is what I have always been buying from since then.  Their store reflects a true Filipino style and ambiance.  From the restaurant furniture to  their designs are truly world class but the most important of all is, even the restaurant grows, their service and the quality of their foods still remains the same.

Naga City, Camarines Sur

 As a loyal customer, I would never missed the chance to be a part of their opening, as usual I bought my fave chicken joy.  The store is over flowing with people and what makes me more excited to see is the picture of my friend’s daughter.  Jane has been a constant friend of mine for more than two years and even though we have not yet seen each other and facebook is the only mode of our communication, I am very overwhelmed and happy for the success of her daughter Ziane.