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4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway

Another great blogger is celebrating it’s 4th  year in blogging and  by all means her blog giveaway is too awesome. is giving away 4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway.  Totally awesome isn’t it?

I wanted to create this travel guide site that have been lingering in my mind for sometime but unfortunately, i still have many things to consider that’s why buying a domain is a least in my priority but hopefully i’ll win this and i’m assured that my travel guide will be online for four years!  Huh! so nice.

Winning is easy, you just need to do this 5 easy steps;

Blog about the giveaway with keywords “4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway”.

  1. Subscribe via E-mail to GAGAYMD.COM (you can find this at her sidebar)
  2. Follow GAGAYMD.COM thru Google Friend Connect
  3. Follow GAGAYMD.COM thru Facebook Networked Blog
  4. Like GAGAY on Facebook

Domain and Hosting Giveaway

Want to learn more about the contest,  visit her site!

Blogging is lot’s of fun

Blogging is lot of fun.  It takes you into a something new and gives you satisfaction especially if you get a chance to receive an award, a prize or even just a simple hello and good day from your blogger friends.  When I started blogging i never thought that It would come out this way.  Before, i don’t know what to write, i begin using those free hosting but then later on i have learned the benefits of having your own host just like host gator that can help you not just in your hosting needs but also how to start your own blog.

If you are new in blogging and don’t know where to start, don’t every worry because there are lots of trainings you can find from the web.  Just surf and surf and you will definitely find the answers in your questions and the greatest part on it, is you get a chance to meet some friends. Friends that are true and kind.

Happy Blogging!

Hosting Anyone?

If your a blogger you have heard the word hosting. At first, i really don’t understand how this hosting works, i thought it’s a very hard thing that i hesitate to find one. But In order to have a stable income in the internet andto receive different opportunities, you need to create your own domain and have your own website hosting but hosting are too much expensive especially if your just a newbie.

At first, i am hesitant to try this and to learn the fact that you will need to change your blogging format , thus it is a tedious job for a newbie blogger. And the fact that you need to find a hosting that suits your needs and your pocket budget too.  I have searched the internet to find a great hosting and i am so lucky to that some of my friends helped me along the way.

Finding the right hosting for your blog is quite different too but now,  you can also search the internet for the sites which gives the best hosting services just take also in consideration that whatever hosting you will choose, you must remember that it is still the contents of your blog that matter.

The Domain Angel Birthday Thanksgiving giveaway

As a newbie blogger we are all aware that a domain name and a good hosting is very important if you want to earn extra income in the net and The Domain Angel is spreading her wings and giving two lucky winners a chance to have their own domain accompanying a hosting for one year.

Isn’t it nice, joining is easy;

Part One:

1. Like Kiddie Land at Facebook.
2. Register at Kiddie Land.
3. Play all you want, anytime, anywhere!

Be one of the Top 3 Players of the month of July 2010 and win one dot com domain + blog hosting for one year!! For short, the top 3 players of the month are sure winners.

Note: Please play games with BEST GLOBAL PLAYERS recorded only (you can check it at the right sidebar of each games) and make sure to submit your score with the same username you used to register to Kiddie Land.

Part Two:

1. Write a blog post about this giveaway linking the following sponsors (10 points – REQUIRED):
a. free domains monthly –
b. free flash gamesfree games online –
c. make money online –
d. movie guidemovie trailers –

2. Follow the following blogs via Google Friend Connect (OPTIONAL):
a. (2 points)
b. (2 points)
c. (2 points)
d. (2 points)

3. Follow Mommy Rubz  at Twitter (OPTIONAL):
a. (2 points)
b. (2 points)
c. (2 points)

Join Now!

Paradox Equation Birthday Bash

Paradox Equation is celebrating his 23rd birthday this coming May and he is giving this special treat to his reader.

What you need to do?

1.Subscribe to his RSS Feed via Email (Required)

Please do not forget to CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION in your email address.

2. Leave a Comment in this Post indicating that you have joined. (Required)

This is my way of keeping track the number of people who joined and please be sure that the e-mail address you indicated is the same as the one you used on Contest Mechanic Number 1.

After doing these required steps, you will automatically get 5 points. If you wish to get more points you can do the following tasks:

Optional Tasks

*Blog About this Contest:(5 points)

You can write about this contest in your blog. Don’t forget to put a link back to this post.

*Follow  him at twitter (2 points)

You can do that by clicking on this link

Easy? Join now!

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