Dance the night out

Everybody is so excited and finding time to be merry and happy and perhaps others even used bach 5gs trombone mouthpiece at wwbw to dance the night out and create great yuletide memories.

I remember when we are still in our teens when I used to go and sneak out the house just to look those teenagers who are dancing in the court yard of our town. Thinking about it makes me smile since it was happiness and bitterness at one since i would go home with a pinch in my ears from my grand mother.

Christmas was celebrated in different ways and i just love to sneak out then.

Peace, Love and Hope

Peace, love and hope, those characteristics   . Life is too short for us to waste it from wandering.

life’s lesson

If you have the chance to live a life that is worth living, grab the opportunity because as the saying goes, we only have one chance and if we would not grab it, we will end up with regrets and painful experience.

Enjoy your life and make it worth.



Happier than happy

Dear Happiness,

You are the hope in the midst of our souls.
You are the faith that comes with high goals.
You are the meaning of ecstatic bliss.
You are the feeling of a loving mother’s kiss.

You are the sensation of everlasting love.
You are an angel sent down from above.
You are the wrapping of a wonderful gift.
When our lives are fading, to you we drift.

When nothing in our lives seems to go right,
You banish the night and replace it with light.
You are a field of roses in the prairies of life.
You are the redeemer when we suffer from strife.