Freddy Krueger Fedoras Hat

Who would forget Freddy Krueger, his horrifying face, his big claws and his crook smile.  Whenever I saw a man wearing Fedoras Hats, the first thing that came up in my mind is the movie Nightmare on Elm Street and it’s succeeding series.

Freddy Krueger is a fictional character in the movie, a  disfigured dream stalker who had a  glove armed with razors that kill his victims during their dreams, ultimately causing their deaths in the real world.  When I first saw this movie, i could not sleep for a while, I was thinking, that he was true and he might come and visit me in my dream and I would not be able to come back to life.

Freddy Krueger and his Fedoras Hat

 I was paranoid for a while and whenever i saw someone wearing red stripes and a hat, I thought, he was Freddy disguised in a different form.  Well, i believe, if your still young, you ought to believe just anything.

For me, Nightmare on Elm Street was still one of the best scary movie and Freddy Krueger and Jason is still the best villain that I hate most.