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Blackberry brings out the Best in Me

it's more fun blogging with Blackberry

“How Does BlackBerry Help me Achieve my Purpose in Life or Help me Become a Person of Purpose?” - “This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition”. I always believe that I am born winner and I can only achieve the most of it if I know how to grab the [...]

On Grocery Lane

While I was on the grocery yesterday, the cashier suddenly told us to find another line because the machine suddenly wend down and needed to be fixed.  That’s when I thought if they have a reliable  POS Hardware , their would not be such problem. POS Micro provides bar code scanners to cash register express and receipt [...]

Information Technology at best

Information technology are taking new heights. Considering the big difference before and today, i can say that it opens more doors of opportunities  not just for technology company but to all company who have been using this products.   ITIL OGC, for example had managed to give commendable service for those who are managing IT as [...]

Freddy Krueger Fedoras Hat

Famous Freddy krueger and his fedoras hat.
Freddy Krueger is a fictional character in the movie, a disfigured dream stalker who had a glove armed with razors that kill his victims during their dreams, ultimately causing their deaths in the real world. When I first saw this movie, i could not sleep for a while, I was thinking, that he was true and he might come and visit me in my dream and I would not be able to come back to life.

Computer that work

My Computer Motherboard is now having the hardest time of its use. With so much pictures and files, I hope it will not one day make it’s final effort to survive and eventually fade it’s glory and usage.  As much as I wanted to buy a new computer, a laptop or a desktop, i think [...]

Nikon Binoculars

Hiking is what i always wanted to do but i just could not make it on this very hectic schedule.  I have given up the idea of  going to the mountains and see those beautiful scenic landscapes but not on sight seeing of course.  It will always be my favorite thing to do especially with [...]

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