Gun Safety

Whether you own one small handgun or 30 or more rifles, responsible gun ownership extends beyond proper licensing. Whether you have children or not, making every effort to keep your guns from the wrong hands is both a health and a safety issue. Trigger locks help avoid accidents and unauthorized use of your weapons, of course, but keeping them safe and out of sight doesn’t mean stashing them in your golf bag or a corner of a crowded coat closet.

Gun safes come in many sizes, shapes and designs. Those secured with combination locks lead the pack, but alternate security options exist. Key locks and electronic locks are gaining in popularity.

Theft isn’t the only threat against gun safety. Fire safes for documents and valuables help protect those irreplaceable items from heat, smoke and flame. Gun fire safes protect your weapons, ammunition and even cleaning supplies from the same threats. Gun vaults, those smaller safes idea for handgun storage, can host a one-compartment configuration or a two-shelf design. In the latter, one shelf is often utilized for small valuables like jewelry and wallets in addition to the handgun. Because those extra items can be damaged or destroyed by fire as well, two-shelf gun fire safes are approaching the same popularity as larger rifle safes.

You might even opt for something smaller and even less intrusive, like the GunVault NanoVault NV100, which looks like a shallow cash box that can be stored unobtrusively.

If gun safety is a concern, you might consider multi-threat safes like the fire resistant gun safes at Responsible gun owners do.