Divoom Divo- The new authority on PC speakers

I’m not a techie but I’m a computer person, I spend almost my whole day sitting infront of the computer.  I badly needed a speaker for my  work as VA online to listen on all those tutorials and as a court stenographer to transcribed lawyer’s voices from my mp3.  These are the main task my speaker does for me. Although, it serves its main purpose but there are times that I just want to throw them away (pardon my thoughts) but i just hate it when the sounds suddenly went off and all i can hear are echoes. It’s weird though but i could just imagine because the other one has already been broken and only one is currently working.

It’s been a while since I wanted to buy a new speaker but I need to prioritize some things like buying milk for our newborn baby and for our three year old daughter and the fact that we have just acquired our new house and we are still paying for our equity. That’s why I have to take two jobs in a day to help support our family income.

Complaining?  Well, I’m not complaining with my jobs.  I love what I am doing but with my speaker,  a big yes.  I wished I can have the new Divoom Divo from Unbox because my computer life would definitely be an easy one.

With the great features and specification it had, it would really be an awesome gift to receive.

* Crystal-clear Sound: Precision-engineered 1.5” speaker drivers pure, distinct full – spectrum audio
* Deep Bass: Powerful 4”(100mm) Long-throw subwoofer is built-in
* Space-saving design: Compact,Stylish but serious performer of great sound
* Sense-control: Pet Divo’s ear to control the sound conveniently
* Shiny colors: Complement your décor

* Output: 20 w
* Dimension: 166Lx139Dx215H (mm)
* Driver: 2 x 1.5 high excursion satellites, 4” high excursion subwoofer
* Total RMS Power: 5 Watts RMS
* Frequency Response: 40Hz-   20KHz
* Signal-to-noise Ratio: >80dB

There are also other reasons I want to have them :

  • I’m addicted to Korean Novela and I watched them at my computer when I have free time and hearing them in a good speaker like Divoom would definitely make me fall in love over and over again.
  • i’m a music person too.  I love hearing music especially those who soothes my moods and with Divoom, the music  would be so crystal clear sound, like I’m hearing someone playing the piano, guitar or violin or just making it’s tap to the dance floor.

Now, this is a great chance for me to own them, that’s why i’m joining Unbox.ph Divoom Blogger contest , so i can have the reason to banish those old speaker of mine!  :)

Adtel Home Solar Kit

Lopez Link is giving away  Adtel Home Solar Kit worth Php. 10,000.00 to one lucky blogger who can share why you wanted to have this home solar kit from Adtel .

Our place is one of the places that tropical storms  and typhoons wanted to pass by for reason that i really don’t know. I was not good about that and was not even thinking about of knowing it but what bothers me most is the fact that when a great storms hit our place,  brown out will come next.  Sometimes it stays for two days and then when worst come to worst, it will take a week before we can have an electricity.

Another recent problem is what our Electric Cooperative is suffering right now, erratic distribution of power was suffered by many consumers , just last May, our electric consumption was raised two times from our original electric bill and there billing increased for more than 80% of the usual amount. Since then, we experience interrupted electricity.

As a mother, it is my priority that my family is safe but safety is really difficult if you have no electricity, that’s why i know that Adtel’s Home Solar Kit will really help us a lot because it provides uninterrupted power supply that includes a cellphone charger, and 2W Led Lamps and can power a three-volt radio. This could really help us because if emergency happens we have a cellphone to use to call for help and one more good thing is we will be updated of the latest news from the radio.

You can win this too, learn more about this contest here: