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A day with my online friends

A day with my Online Friends

The internet have been my very beneficial to me not just because it gives me additional income and help me win several contests but through it, i was able to meet lovely friends who share a common passion.

My online sis

Last month, i was able to meet two of my online friends, Mommy Hilda and Mommy Ria  with the addition of Sis Arnie  who also lives here in Naga City. It was a fun-filled evening of endless chatting.

With My online friends at SM Naga City (image from Mommy Hilda)

I am very thankful for the chance to finally meet them and it was too sad because the day is so short for us to complete our chit chats.  See you online  :)

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Colorful Weekend with Online friends

bonding with online friends

Life is too short to waste on crying, thinking how your life can be better and how problems can be solved.  Material things would just pass by but friends that you have learned to love and care will stick around.

I am happy that I have them not just to cheer me up when I am lonely or vote for my entry whenever i joined a contest.  There were there simply because we share one common interest and that is our love for our children.

Maybe, it was the first time i have seen some of this moms but it seems that I have known them forever.  I will always be grateful for their undying support and of course just simply being there when I needed them.

Thank you again for the wonderful memory!  I am sharing this post with Colorful Weekends!

The Red Dress Club

I stumble on this new meme called The Red Dress Club, i believe that this is a daily meme wherein bloggers share different stories depending on the theme for the day.  I think, i will enjoy doing this, sharing and meeting new blogger friends.

Today theme is about your best written post, so i have to dig up from my older post to search for one post that i love the most. So, here is what i found,

“Happy new year and happy birthday” , this is a very simple thought of a happy and fulfilled mom.  Just looking at the picture makes me smile more. It was indeed a very lovely day for me and my family.

Join us everyday at the”