Living a Fashionable Life

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For some fashion comes naturally and because they have lived their life in a fashionable way.  If you want to be fashionable, you need to know the basic steps or ways to be one.  Because of the complexity of the world fashion, anything that are popular and well known to many becomes a fashion statement.

Everybody has their own fashion taste, whether it’s natural, chic, rock or vintage, what you think fits you and best describe you become your own statement and uniquely yours.

Some can be sweet and some are very rebellious with their image,  other’s may think that piercing with Banana Barbell will be too bold but for other’s it’s just a way of showing what they really are and what they do love.

Our fashion and the way we look can be a basis or show what our attitude and who we really are but for some, since how we dress affect our whole being and the image we are sending out to others.

It’s not bad to be wild and out from our usual way but we still have to consider many factors when we do something extra ordinary from our usual image.

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