Pretty Rabbit goes Egg hunting

Happy Easter

The love of our life, is all excited to go egg hunting in our nearby mall.  We have been preparing for three days and she kept on asking me when she will be egg hunting?

So, Easter Day comes and equipped with her bunny ears and plastic egg basket courtesy of SM, we hop on each boutique and establishment saying “Happy Easter” while waiting for the egg with candies inside to be given to her.

Easter Egg Basket

It’s our first time and Mommy is excited too , seeing her adorable Peachy carrying her egg basket full.  We both had a fun time and mommy is exhausted afterwards.  LOL.

Did you see the red dress? I so love it , i promise not to look at it but i guess, i could not help myself. I’m going back to the boutique to fit it.  I wish it does.

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