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A broomless life with Electrolux- Dynamica Blogger’s Culminating Event

Last month when i first learned that Electrolux is giving away ten brand new Electrolux Dynamica Vacuum Cleaner by just sharing your sad broom experience, i did not have a  second thought on sharing mine. It is not just  for the love of  joining contests but also the fact that I really hate sweeping because of my previous painful experience and of course i wanted to have a vacuum of my own.

And after a month, my wish did come true, I received an invite for the much awaited Dynamica Bloggers Culminating Event .  I could not make it personally but I wanted to know the result  so i asked my brother to attend in my behalf.

It was his first time to attend a bloggers night like this and I know he will be shy and reserve at first but knowing my brother’s characteristic, I know that he will get the hang of it and will eventually blend among the crowds and I was not wrong, as i have learned he had a great time on the event winning for himself a prize for the games that had given for them.

my brother wearing blue shirt with fellow bloggers

As wished, my post made it to the 5th  place and I was able to take home the new Electrolux Dynamica Vacuum Cleaner and because I’m the first who submitted an entry the management also awarded me a new rice cooker.

My gratitude to Electrolux for choosing my post and giving me extra prize.  I’m really overwhelmed and happy.

The only problem I have now is how could the prizes be send to me? LOL.  Hmm, i have made an inquiry for possible cargo delivery.  But if you have a better idea,  please do share it and leave a comment.

To all my friends who  helped me and lend their time to give comments on my post.  Thank you so much again and to my fellow bloggers who won especially to Sis Iris of Pinayads, congratulations!

*Thanks to Jeman Villanueva II for some of the pictures

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