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Gold in my eyes

Sometimes It’s hard to be poor, just thinking of the thought that you have nothing in your wallet or pocket is truly distressing and as much as you wanted to cry you could not do that because it would not even give you any good but additional headache.  Sometimes, i wish i was born wealthy so that I have enough money or just some jewelries and gold chains that i can sell when things get rough but then I was not born that way. 

Even though I am already used on this kind of thing, i felt i was in my worst self because I now have someone that relies on me. Before, skipping meals will be an ordinary thing but now not having something to feed your children would simply a disaster. 

I always believe that life is hard and my only hope is that i can give them good education that will prepare their future but I guess good education is not enough to secure the life you will have.  

Annoying Texter

There is someone who keeps on sending me verse text that is  really annoying.  The least of the topics I wanted to discuss is about religion, it’s complex and we all have our different beliefs and traditions that’s why I don’t want to touch this subject.

So receiving one in the early morning  or at night could really annoy me.  I don’t want to be rude but I guess she is just too stupid that she does not understand the word,  ”PLEASE STOP TEXTING ME” or if she does not understand those words perhaps this one is more understandable considering that her text was in Filipino, ” MARAPAT LAMANG PO NA HUWAG KA NG MAG-TEXT”  I don’t know what came into her mind that she is willing to spend money on useless texts .

Honestly, I don’t mind her beliefs , that is her own and come to think of it, it does annoy me when somebody tells me that I should not give my prayers and praises to Mama Mary.  I don’t care what your religion tells you.  We are all inclined to our own beliefs and I am not saying that my belief is perfect or my religion is.  Whatever religion you had, what is far more important is doing good things and understanding that we are living in a diverse world, with different belief and tradition and we need to respect each other.

Communion gifts

I can still remember the day of my first communion.  I was so excited one saturday,  that i wake up too early, eat my breakfast and take a bath and grab my white communion dress only to found out that my communion will be in the afternoon.


That’s one proof of me being silly but i guess all children having their first communion experience is very excited in one way and another. First Communions are one of the important event in a catholic church, it’s the first time we felt that we are adult in some way and we are now ready to have the christian strength and attitude that is why some parents gave their children   personalized holy communion gift to commemorate and remember that special day in their children’s religious life.

Cars that broke

Cars do broke, it’s a thing that we cannot control just like trucks or any vehicle that you used but even if you don’t use them they will eventually be broken along the way.  And what’s really scary to think is that you will be having a vehicle problem in a great meadows or forests and that’s what I’m scared most when I know that there will be no help along the way.

Have you ever experience to have a trailer hitches on your front trying to give you a lift because you just had a very terrible vehicle problems?  Well, it never came out to that point for us but there is a time that we had a car problem in the middle of the road and  I’m all scary that all i can say is , Oh God, please dont! and panics attack again.

Vehicle accidents always happens because of not having a regular vehicle check-up.  So before your next vacation or out of town get away, make sure you checked everything because you don’t want an incident that a truck was towing your vehicle.

Internet connection

I am planning to buy a new laptop to be used for my office but of course, i am also bringing it at home after office hours.  That’s why i am planning to find a nice routers so that hubby and i can used the internet in the same time.

Before in our old house, we bought a router but we did not bring it because mother-in-law is still using them.  So now we need to buy a new one so we can used it.  Sometimes my internet connection is too slow so i am thinking if it can also slow the things i am doing in the internet.  Internet connection is really important for me considering that it is where i make my money to help our everyday needs.

So, whatever things goes , i am sure of buying a new router, now the only problem is who is going to create the networking.

4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway

Another great blogger is celebrating it’s 4th  year in blogging and  by all means her blog giveaway is too awesome. Gagaymd.com is giving away 4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway.  Totally awesome isn’t it?

I wanted to create this travel guide site that have been lingering in my mind for sometime but unfortunately, i still have many things to consider that’s why buying a domain is a least in my priority but hopefully i’ll win this and i’m assured that my travel guide will be online for four years!  Huh! so nice.

Winning is easy, you just need to do this 5 easy steps;

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Domain and Hosting Giveaway

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Why I want it too badly!

I have been wanting to buy a new bag because the current bag that i’m using is already not in it’s good condition but buying one means sacrificing the more important things and that is paying dues for our monthly home amortization and there are some things that we need to prioritize too (the vaccination0 of our little newborn baby).

So, even as much as I wanted to buy a new bag, it would be hard on my part.  That’s why, i’m trying my best to join One proud Momma and Make Money Online contest and hopefully, i’ll be among the lucky top 4 who would win a beautiful Tory Burch or Cartier Bag.

Just looking at the bag every time i visit the site, makes me encourage myself more to do and work for it but it was too sad because i was not able to go around to blog hop again and earn points because of my recent work schedules and the mere fact that we don’t have any internet connection at all at the office.  It really makes me sad, i do hope that my efforts are not futile though.

You can still join the contest, it’s extend until the 15th of June.  Join now!

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Blogging is lot’s of fun

Blogging is lot of fun.  It takes you into a something new and gives you satisfaction especially if you get a chance to receive an award, a prize or even just a simple hello and good day from your blogger friends.  When I started blogging i never thought that It would come out this way.  Before, i don’t know what to write, i begin using those free hosting but then later on i have learned the benefits of having your own host just like host gator that can help you not just in your hosting needs but also how to start your own blog.

If you are new in blogging and don’t know where to start, don’t every worry because there are lots of trainings you can find from the web.  Just surf and surf and you will definitely find the answers in your questions and the greatest part on it, is you get a chance to meet some friends. Friends that are true and kind.

Happy Blogging!

Di Lang Ako basta Babae

I’m not just a woman!  I am a woman of honor and pride.  A woman who is trying to be a good wife and mother to her children.

Modess Angel

Many people knows my story and my struggles in life. I was abandon by my own mother at my early age.  I was physically abused by my father and I had a hard time living my life through my college days.   Yes, my childhood is not perfect, I have suffered so much pain and misery that sometimes I thought I could not go on with my life but I am always grateful for giving me the opportunity to meet people that helped me in their own simple way.  They give me inspiration, courage and light and I will always considered them as Angel in my Life.    That’s why, in my own simple way, I would like to share and inspire others too through my blogs and my advocate.

Not every woman is leading the same path I have now, there are many woman who are suffering from abusive hands and many still violates woman rights.  I do hope and wish that they finally have the courage to fight and believe in their own capacity.  We are supposed to be loved, honor and taken care of.

My little Angels

Visit Modess Angels for inspirational stories and thoughts.

Doom of the Broom – A Tale of Pain and Passion

Broom is a historic thing.  It has a long history and was associated with witches or witchcraft.   I always love watching movies and television shows with witches and magic.  It’s so magical to see the witches flying in the air using their broom sticks. It was a sight i always created in my mind and eventually weave in my dreams.   But in real life, I have a little desire on using them, it is the fact that i hate sweeping because using them makes me cough and have headaches  due to the dust. I get bored doing this kind of thing and most of the time, i sing so I can forget my boredom.

I totally hate sweeping.  It is still fresh in my memory when I was still a child, when I was asked by my grand mother to sweep our house and I accidentally stepped on the broom that I was using and  slipped and fell on my buttocks that eventually  gave me painful legs and arms for days.  I told myself that I would not sweep again but that is a vow that was immediately broken considering that sweeping is one of my household task that my grandmother assigned to me.

That’s why I am so thankful that vacuum cleaner was built.  Although the affordability is far from using an ordinary broom but the benefits that a vacuum cleaner will give you is more than twice and it can save you time and energy and of course a more thorough cleanliness rather than your historic broom.   I believe that it is now time to forget our old tradition of sweeping using the broom. It is time to say, bye bye to broom and hello to a new and powerful tool like the vacuum cleaner.

If I have a vacuum cleaner.  I can sing with finer tune!

“I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you anymore

The love we had is forever ever gone
This time I know you can’t hurt me anymore
Ooh, all the chances that I gave
False promises you made
This time I’m sure I can make it on my own”

I Don’t Need You Anymore Lyricshere.

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I need change .  I want to start the doom of the broom.  I need help!

This is my official Entry for Doom of the Broom Blogging Contest

Doom of the Broom