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3 Ways Your High School Aged Child Can Make Money

Years ago, teens looking for a job went to the fast food giants or the local mall to work at the clothing store.  While those types of jobs are a staple, they are no longer the only jobs available for your teen.  If you would like to create an entrepreneurial spirit in your child, try to encourage them to create different jobs for themselves rather than flipping burgers or selling tee shirts.
For a enterprising teens, there are many jobs they can choose from:

Web Designer
Many teens are tech savvy and can create websites quicker and better than you and I can.  If your child has a deep understanding of technology as well as a flair for design, he may make a great web designer.  He could offer lower rates in the beginning and then gradually increase rates as his skills and talent improve.

If your teen can invest in a domain name and hosting such as Intechnology, she can be off and running with her own blog.  Some of the most popular personal finance blogs are written by people in their 20s writing for their peers.  The time is ripe for a teen to blog about finance for her peers.
Of course, there are plenty of other topics she can blog about.  While blogging isn’t a guaranteed source of income, it can be something she does on the side while working another job until the blog makes money.

If your child is a strong student, he can offer tutoring in his best subjects.  He could tutor those his own age or younger.  If he doesn’t want to set up his own business, there are plenty of online tutoring sites where he could work from the comfort of home, especially if he is over 18.
With a little ingenuity, your child can create a job for herself that will net her a nice income in high school.  Best of all, many of these businesses are portable, so she could continue to work on her business while she is in college, which she might enjoy more than doing a college work study program.

Hello world!

This is the first post you will see when you install wordpress.  How i wish i can say hello to the world with a smile and hopefully this blog will work fine.  I hope those hackers would get a pain on their hands for hacking my blogs.

All positive now, i hope for a better days and more advertisements.  I really need those in this time.

Get Ready for iBlog?

Are you ready for the next iBlog?

This coming May 25 and 26, 2012 at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman, Quezon City from 8 am to 5 pm, the next iBlog Summit will be conducted with different first class bloggers from the blogging world would be the key speakers.

Each year the digitalfilipino club headed by Ms. Janette Toral is dedicating a seminar to help other Filipino bloggers to expand their worth and knowledge about blogging and to be able to help improve not just a quality posts but also how to improve the over-all blog inputs.

I have always admit that I am not a writer but i am happy to know if I was able to help someone through my blog.  Sharing my thoughts and influencing in some form of way is more than recognition.   When I started my blog, i never intended to be famous nor to be influential or to even earn.  I just blog because i love to share my thoughts but when you learned that you get the chance to help others and my heart is overwhelmed.

With this two day summit, you get the chance to improve much and learn not just the basic in blogging but also get the chance to know the secret of other well known bloggers in the blogging world.

Register Now!

Product developments

Assisting costumers to products not particularly known by them.  Product development is something I am not good at.  I guess, it was just not my field.       Although product developments are easy to think and make, finding a solid foundation or company likefluid technologies can give you the briefing you will need for the  next hours.

I wish I know how to create product development or just make the appropriate website for it but the laziness in me and the thought that I would not do it is more visible than usual.

I guess, every products can be achieved by the right help and professional minded person, something Filipino are still lacking.

Philippine Blog Awards – Blogger’s Choice

My vote goes to:


It is not just because I know the blogger behind it nor he is too friendly to support and No he did not made me swear and most of all, he did not treat me for lunch just to vote him!

 I vote for BLOG-PH.com for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice.

philippine blog awards

Because I know that this blog deserves to be a winner!  It inspires, it gives great news and interesting topics and a blog with a sense of responsibility.  Do I need to elaborate more?  Well, if that is what you want me to do:

  • BLOG-PH.com is just under 1 year old but already averaging 40,000 views a month.
  • One of the Top 100 Pinoy Blogs according to Top Blogs Philippines, peaked at #88 last week.
  • Ranked as the Top 2 Music blog according to Top Blogs Philippines, and peaked #6 at News & Journalism Category last week.
  • It’s actually a BlogSpot blog but doesn’t look like one.
  • Voted 37 times at Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011.

So, what do you think?

Johnson’s My kid’s growing up so fast

My kids is really growing up.  Our once little adorable baby is now getting older and have her own way of knowing what she wants and do the things she wanted to do.  She is very independent and smart, that is why we are very proud of her.

We always wanted to give her the best of everything, not just because she is our first born and we have waited for her for years but because we wanted her to feel that she is loved and cared and we will do everything we can do to make her happy, safe and warm.

Now, I have just joined a contest sponsored by Johnsons’s and they are giving away 4 beautiful sports camera to  four lucky mommy bloggers and we are wishing that we could be among those lucky mommy.

We really need your help by commenting on our post and if we also find your comment as very amusing , we will get the chance to decided one winner of a johnson’s gift pack.

Nice, isn’t it?  Yes, of course,  just click this link to learn more.

Canada Jobs

Hubby and I is planning that he will try his opportunity to work in Canada.  With our current financial situation, we need money to pay for our home and to secure the future of the children.  Yes, we are both earning but that is not enough to cover all our expenses.

Dues are getting higher and sometimes, I feel I could not breath because of the challenges of life but I guess that’s what every family suffers and loneliness of being away is another sacrifice you need to make if you are planning to work , i wonder if Cocktail Server Jobs would fit him.

He just talked with a friend who will be leaving soon to work in some hotel in Canada and upon learning the things he needs to accomplish, we have talked that we could not afford that study right now.  I wish, all things will go well as planned and even if it’s a hard thing to do, we need to pursue that dream.

Something Borrowed

I remember my high school days, at this time we usually have our school plays and there are different roles that you will perform for a certain subjects.  I always love role playing although memorizing is not my specialty,  i find acting is one of my hidden talents.

I still don’t know blogging at that time and i don’t even had the idea on how to use internet nor browse sites like  http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/ .  I always love acting and theater , there was a time that i wish to join acting class and joining the theater but  my main concern that time was finding clothes that i can use for my role.  I remember borrowing  a medical scrub top from a nurse friend.

Doing the things you love is really enjoyable, i missed acting and I missed the chaos on the backstage and the most thing i missed most is the applause of the audience after a job well done.