Training your horses

Horse ownership is not for the faint of heart or light of wallet. Horse owners, unless they are professionally trained in the veterinary sciences and farrier trade, must depend on professional help to keep their horses healthy and happy. A good working relationship with these two types of professionals make responsible horse ownership more pleasant and cost-effective, because the right professional care at the right time can save money on horse care.

Good hoof condition is key to equine health care and sometimes, a horse’s life depends on it. Farriers and equine veterinarians know this, and horse owners should have a good understanding of it too. A good working relationship with an experienced, trustworthy farrier who has a lifelong love of horses is essential for horse owners, and a well-stocked workshop and toolbag are essential for a career farrier.

Farriers must have supplies at the ready when attending to their clients’ horses. As in any trade, specific tools and supplies are needed to provide and perform quality workmanship. In the farrier trade, things like horseshoe nails, rasps, nail hole filler, and hoof socks mean the difference between taking care of a horse’s hoof health in one stop or having to return and followup for minor details. A fully-operational workshop is another essential in a farrier’s business. A good vendor of quality ferrier supplies, such as Anvil Brand for anvils, bar stock, forges, forge accessories, aprons, farrier hand tools, and supplies, is a must for efficient operation and successful farrier practices.