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Secret Garden to the max

I don’t know what it gotten to my nerves and still after a month, i still love to view them over and over again.  It’s actually my third time to watch it and i think the fourth one will be soon.  I so love korean novelas , i find them amusing, funny and simply cute.

secret garden korean novela

I don’t know how many korean dramas i have watched but there is only one thing i am certain of.  Secret Garden is the only one that captured my heart and i think, i would never forget it.  It makes me smile, laugh and cry that hard.  The story is light and touching, something every korean drama lovers will look forward too.

I know many people not just korean are so into it and until now, they could not get over Hyun Bin.  I believe many are looking forward on his next project after his military training.

2 Responses to “Secret Garden to the max”

  • Eloisa says:

    I agree! i love this drama. hindi nakakasawa. have you watched Worlds within / the world that they live in? i love that as well. hyun bin is not the most handsome and best korean actor, but i don’t know. i love watching his drama. :) the stories are really great!

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