Pool Maintenance Tips for Winter

Once the cold sets in, the backyard pool often ends up being neglected. When not using your pool, it’s easy to forget that it still requires regular maintenance to keep the water healthy and make sure it’s in prime condition once the summer heat returns and you’re ready to dive in again.

Cover Your Pool

Keeping your pool covered in winter will keep it in the best possible shape during the off-season, and will help make your pool easier to maintain and keep clean during the cold months when it’s not getting any use.

Shock Treatments

Before you cover your pool up for the winter, administer a higher “shock dose” of your pool chemicals. This helps break down any contamination and re-establish a positive Free Chlorine level. Ask a professional at one of your local Alliance Pool Stores to determine the right dosage for your pool.


During winter, while the pool is unused, there’s a higher likelihood that algae will be able to grow as the water is much more undisturbed, creating a more habitable environment for algae. To get a head start on preventing the growth of algae in your pool during this time, administer a dose of algaecide at the beginning of the season.

Run Pool Pumps Regularly

To prevent algae from growing in your pool it’s important to keep the water from remaining stagnant for two long. Circulate the water daily by running your pool pump for about 6 hours each day. This helps the chemicals in the pool to be more effective and makes it more difficult for algae and bacteria to grow.

Check Filter Weekly

Check your filter each week during the winter months, and backwash it every month to make sure it can perform as effectively as possible. You can increase effectiveness and save on running costs by installing a pre-filter cleaner between the pump and filter.

Keep it Clean

It’s easy to forget that your pool still needs regular cleaning in winter while it’s covered up, free from activity and debris, however cleaning is still an important part of winter maintenance. The walls, floor and steps need cleaning periodically in the colder months to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. The easiest way to maintain this practice is to use a robotic cleaner.

Regular Testing

Test your water balance regularly, particularly PH and chlorine levels. While your pool is covered these levels should be easier to maintain, but it’s important to monitor and replenish chlorine levels which are often neglected during the off-season. If you can remember to perform these basic maintenance tasks throughout the winter you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and bother, and your pool will be ready to splash back into as soon as the days start getting warmer.

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