Treasured Time with our Dog

Chi chi, birdy, twee-twee bird, that’s the name we used to call our darling dog. After blissful nine years of staying with us, she experienced “pyometra“, a sickness natural to old dogs. It was very sudden and with her age, we decided to let her go.

Dog – man’s best friend

 They say that the dog is a man’s best friend but for us, she is not just our best friend but our darling baby,  She was my baby for five years, she gave me not just happiness but she gave me comfort in times of sorrow and pain.  She’s a silent listener on all my worries and problems , so you could imagine my tears when the time has come to let her go.

I never imagined that this day will happen, although it’s a fact that she’s a dog and dogs has life span of atleast 12 years (some may be able to reach up to 20 years) and nine years are already a good number but whenever i think of it, there is always the feeling of sadness and the longing for her.  But I know, the Good Lord has always a reason for everything.

As of now, we have no plans of getting another dog for a while.  Maybe it will take time for us to heal and to forget.

When did you feel your life is important?

When was the last time you say thank you for the life you have right now.  For all the blessings each day, for the breath that you take, for every happiness or loneliness that you felt?  When did you feel your life is important?

Life is beautiful. Give Thanks

Each passing day, we tend to forget how important our life is.  It must be because we are too busy with our life tending the things we need to do.  Each time, me and my husband would travel with our motorcycle, we make sure that we are wearing a  helmet,  KBC VR4R , it is not just we don’t want to be flagged down and get a citation ticket but it is always good to be safe.

Accidents are very often on the road and we don’t want to risk anything. Life is very important as we have our young children who are dependent to us and we have many dreams and aspirations to pursue. So, each time you went on the road with your motorcycle, make sure your wearing your helmets and check your breaks.   Keep safe always and don’t forget to pray for guidance.

Water and it’s features

I never thought that water has different features but i guess with the water features that was posted in the net makes me think that there are indeed many things that I don’t know yet.

But water features is not really what I thought it was but a wall decoration that you can put inside or outside your houses.  It’s great features can give you more insight on how it was made and how it can help beautify your home.  Wall fountains is one common name that is very fashionable and modern.  There can be floor or over top mountains which can be found in just one site.  If you wanted a customized one, they also offer such service.  I bet my husband would love to see this.

Nothing beats a great apogee

With all the latest gadgets that is all over the market today.  I can only few and see ones that are really worthy for me.  Although, innovations is the latest trend, even apogee duet has given their share for ipad user which needs a program to listen recordings.  I guess, it’s a perfect timing for me, if i can only have one, then i would be perfect just like what i have imagined.

 With the ever growing entertainment in the world, there is nothing that can beat a beautiful melody shared by the whole family on a concert that only works for all of you.

Hey, i just met you, i know it’s crazy but call me maybe!

Hey there, i just met you and I know it’s crazy but call me maybe, i one of the famous lines we have this days and i guess millions of people are talking about this song. Even famous singers like Katy Perry has her own you tube version doing this crazy song .

Many peopole especially the young today loves to have eyeball or meet other people from their social networking sites and that’s the same reason why many young female adult have come to realize that knowing someone for the first time is not always fine. Just like  contactless cards that protect us, being vigilant and knowing the person can only prevent us for much stress and pain of travelling and meeting.

Television stand

Yesterday, we went to the mall to do some window shopping and we were able to find beautiful bags that i so love to buy but what interest me most are the beautiful pieces of tv stands for flatscreens that can add beauty on your flat screen tv.

TV monitor online

There are many beautiful flat screen television that we love to have but just seeing the price makes me back out.  We always wanted to change our television set but their are far more important things that we need to buy and prioritize.  These television sets defines the modern technology and how gadgets are evolving on the new century.  Such television sets can not just beautify different homes but can also add to their status quo on the society.

Mistakes should not be carried but placed under your feet

Thoughts about life – photos from facebook

In life, mistakes is inevitable but with positive outlook in life, we can able to defeat them and eventually survive the whole bad scenario or events in our life.  I  have committed many mistakes in my life, some are simple and sometimes it was a very worst one that I don’t know and could not find the answers for them.

But mistakes can also make us a better person. From it, we can learn to be better and strive more and harder to achieve a certain goal.  We must not carry our mistakes like a burden but placed them under our feet for us to be reminded that mistakes will always be there but when we think positively , we can be able to cope up and stand guard so another mistakes would not harm us.


Time to let go – Saying goodbye to your pet

Knowing the truth can sometimes hurt, the only consolation is you were given time to accept and realize that life is just borrowed time. Saying good bye is a very hard thing to do especially if your pet has been a part of your life for many years.

It’s been days that our Chi-Chi was in pain. Looking very pale, hubby will just spoon fed her so she can regain her strength but days goes by, nothing had changed and her condition just got worse.    Last saturday, hubby and I decided to bring her to a veterinarian to know the real reason behind her sudden sickness.

Based on the symptoms we have said, the doctor presumed that she might have pyometra,  a disease that usually occurs on dogs 6 years and older that has never been neutered.  When we brought her, no laboratory or xray was needed to confirm the truth that she was indeed suffering from this sickness.  My heart shuttered when I have heard about it and the fact was all showing that there is a small chance for her to recover if she would not undergone an operation considering the circumstances that she is already old and there’s a 50 /50 chances that she can able to survive the operation.

Talking to our veterinarian, we have to weigh in the options and if treatments is still an option. We bring her home and buy some antibiotics, vitamins and antacids.  The vet told us that if she doesn’t eat overnight we need to confine her in the clinic so she can receive special care and medicines too.

chi-chi’s last picture

Choosing whether or not to euthanize your sick dog especially if she was already on her old age is still a very difficult task to do. Everything seems out of place.  I felt like I’m losing a friend and a baby in the process. Considering the years that we have been waiting for a baby and Chi-chi is the one i have given all my attention and time. It is never an easy decision for me and my family but we have to act fast considering her present situation and we could not bear seeing her in pain.

Hubby had told me to make the decision if we should let her go but I can only answer with tears.  Hubby finally told me that it is time to bid goodbye as there’s no solid hope for her and I could not bear to see her growing weak day by day and just wait for her to expire. With a heavy heart, i have to let her go and just remember her with a smile in my heart .  There’s a saying that all dogs goes to heaven and I know she was already there beside our creator.

Life is an opportunity, fight for it.

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.”  Mother Theresa

Life can be challenging, it’s an adventure we have to live day by day.  We need to dream and wish for a better future.  Life is too precious to just deny the fact that we are important.  Each day is an opportunity for us to grow and we are lucky enough to be alive so we need to fight for whatever we have left and for what we are worth.

Life is an opportunity

Sometimes, we are on denial of the things around us but when we really open our eyes, we can find that life is full of opportunity waiting to be open if we only have the heart and eye to accept it.  We are very lucky to experience happiness and pain and as we tend to experience this things, let us remember that we have this feeling because we are alive and living is a very precious thing.

We should accept the fact that life is not as easy as we can think of, everyday is a challenge and when there is challenge, there is an opportunity to learn and through learning, we become more mature and more worthy as a human being.

Speak your mind

It’s been days that i sit in front of the computer and wondering why there was no sound coming out and then i realized that my  pc speakers is broken.  Now, i wonder why it was broken and could only give a big sigh.  It’s not even a month ago when my headset was broken and I was not even had the chance to buy one in the mall considering the hectic schedule that i need to attend to.

Well, what should i say, i really need to find one , could you imagine watching movie without any sound.  Funny, but i usually does that on watching my favorite korean drama. It is not because i don’t understand what they are saying but it’s the fact that my head set is broken and now that my speakers was also broken, it would really be like watching silent movie.