Mystery Shampoo

Have you heard about the Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner?

When i first heard of it, I was really curious, what was that? Sounds really mysterious, you bet.   And what is more appealing is the fact that they are giving away a sample of that mystery shampoo.

Yes, a 90ml shampoo and conditioner will be given away to those who register on their site and that is not all, every registered user is qualified to win exciting prizes  and i quote:’

Try the Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner and get a chance to win these cool prizes!
Step 1: Register with your name and contact details. A person can only register once throughout the promo period.
Step 2:
Request for a sample. 1 Sample Request = 1 Raffle Entry Coupon. A person can only request for a sample once throughout the promo period.
Step 3:
Tell your friends to do the same by submitting their names and contact details. 1 Friend Referral = 1 Raffle Entry Coupon. A person can only be referred once throughout the promo period.
Step 4:
Samples will be mailed via courier to the address specified during registration. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery from the date a sample is requested
Step 5:
Each sample contains a 90 ml Shampoo and a 90 ml Conditioner
Step 6:
A pool of prizes will be raffled off among the people who requested for samples and referred their friends from July 18-July 31, 2010
Step 7:
There will be a total of fourteen (14) winners:
a. 1 Winner of Blackberry Bold
b. 2 Winners of 5,000 Ayala EGC
c. 2 Winners of IPod Shuffle
d. 3 Winners of The Spa Gift Certificate
e. 3 Winners of Enjoy Philippines Card
f. 3 Winners of Moleskine
Step 8:
Winners will be drawn by P&G on August 4, 2010 together with the presence of a DTI Representative
Step 9:
Winners will be announced on the website, and will receive an email on August 6, 2010, which will include the details for claiming the prize.
What do you think? Worth visiting? Yes.  Join now and learn about this new mystery shampoo.  I have already made my wild guess and i am 90% sure about it but i still don’t want to burst it out. LOL.

Visit the site now to learn more about this beautiful treat from Practor and Gamble.  Ooh, how i wish i win the IPOD.

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