Monitor your heart

Heart rate monitors are essential if you want an accurate and reliable measurement of your calories burned. Most heart rate monitors operate on a similar premise. A rubber chest strap fastens below the bust line with a nylon band. The strap sends a signal to your watch that will display your heart rate, and you have to periodically wash the strap to ensure proper reading.

monitor your heart,  health gadget

Chest straps are useful, but they can be cumbersome at times, especially when you have trouble getting a reading to lock in. Over time, a chest strap may lose its functionality, rendering your watch useless. The most innovative fitness watch on the market seeks to combat the annoyance of straps by eliminating them altogether. The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor is totally free from any constricting bands, and it’s instantly accessible. The watch is very chic and streamlined, featuring a smooth face and simple controls. Optical sensors relay your heart rate in real time, and it can never be knocked out of sync.

Chest straps have a tendency to get off base when one is exercising very strenuously. They can also be cumbersome, requiring the application of water to read properly in many cases. The MIO Alpha doesn’t carry any of that extra baggage. You are guaranteed a reliable heart rate monitor that is also rechargeable for up to 10 hours, giving you plenty of time to knock out your work out sessions. Invest in this gem today and start your journey off on the right foot.

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