Money, money, where are you?

Reading Forbes magazine, you will be amazed how the rich people have come to acquire their assets and share of stocks.  Have you ever thought what influences their current financial status and how they lived in abundance and wealth?

 Just like any success stories, you will learn that for one to become successful, you need perseverance, courage and luck.  For some people, money comes somewhat easy and most of their endeavor turns successful.

Perseverance has long been associated with hard work, for one to achieve success, you need to work hard on whatever endeavors you will make. Courage means something.  In business, it is like gambling, you need to gamble, enable for you to know the result and how far your business could lead you. It takes a lot of courage to begin a business and if you don’t have that courage, you may not be able to begin whatever plans you have in mind and if you don’t have enough courage to lose, you might end up losing everything because you don’t have the capacity to stand again and face the difficult times in your life.

There were real stories of suicides, (hara-kiri) because they could not face the fact that their business was losing and bills and credits are ranking and bankruptcy was inevitable.

And there comes luck, for some they heavily rely on luck, joining different game of chances, sweepstakes or the famous LOTTO.  It’s always free to dream and dreaming of hitting the Lotto can easily solve all your money problems but there are always good and bad things about having easy money.  The best answer is still patience and perseverance and hope.  Who knows, someday, we were able to live a better life without any worries of money problems.

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