Memories of childhood

online pharmacy without prescription I must admit, there are lot of pessimitic person in this world.  They tend to ask on everything that happens to themselves  or their life.  If they felt happy this instance, it will come to their mind a negative thought of what will be the bad side that will gonna happen.  There are people who can be called  dreamer, they dream a lot. Sometimes they don’t know how to distinguish reality from dream. Perhaps it’s a way of forgetting the whole situation of who they are.  Living in a dream world can sometimes shield you from the reality because you tend to disregard the truth.   I don’t know if it is just the nature of people or the way they brought up but i guess just like me, my grand mother have given me all the love i can get even if it’s not conventional family, atleast I am blessed to have a family which you can call your own.

family life

When you see things on negative way, you are attracting bad thoughts and when you have them in your mind, you will probably accomplish nothing but dismay and frustrations. When my grand mother died, my life falls bit by bit.  I remember the long nights of  incontinence underware and bed pads and the pain she had to suffer.  If you wanted to live a good life, you need to try  to read more between the lines and make your life worthy.

I have no idea when was the time I have chosen to change my ways (because it was not entirely changed) but just to say the least, my life changes when I have my child, the once pessimistic me becomes to live in reality and make amends of my past to be able to move on with the future.  It is perhaps of the truth that once you become a parent,  you will need to lose yourself to be able to love your children.  It is just natural that parents are giving and they know what is best for their children.

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