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BC Blogger 4 is now open

After the success of the BC Bloggers 1 to 3,  BC Blogger is already open for new link building.  This is your chance to be part of this widely known BC Blogger club.

What is BC Blogger actually?

Are you a BC Blogger?

  1. Are you a blogger who has a full-time office job but still try to sneak in some time in the office to blog?
  2. Are you a stay-at-home mom who has her hands full because of her kids and try to make some time blog hopping so she can be updated on what’s going on with her blogging pals?
  3. Are you working at home struggling to balance juggling your work and blogs at the same time?

If you answer YES to one of these questions then you’re a BC Blogger. So you’re a BC Blogger if you’re BUSY but still willing to participate in Blog exChange of links. Head on to Paula’s Place the genius behind this community of bloggers.

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