Famous Celebrities : Would you change your name for fame?

Is there a time in your life, you wished your parents have given you another name instead on what you have now?

Our names is our identity on this world, many people are very sensitive when that name they build will be broken or tainted that can be very damaging to their family and one self.  In our country, father will often tell their children to take care of their names (take care of their dignity and reputation) since they are carrying their families name especially if you are born in a family with good reputation and known in the society.

Our parents had chosen our name even before we were born and each day, our mother will often call us using that same name while we are still on their tummies.

I have read a book that the names we gave to our children can affect their life and their personality.  It can also creates good or bad impression and have a long lasting effect to a child.  Studies even shows that a child was bullied because of her name does can give a low self-esteem .

Our parents has the liberty to choose a name for us but other well known personalities like Hollywood celebrities changed their names to gain more fame. It’s not uncommon for us to learn about celebrity changing their names, writers have their pseudonyms  and pen names to hide their true identity. I personally experience how name affects our whole being,  i know someone who was named ” Maria Bagonggahasa”  and she was called by the professor as “Mary, the newly rape” , just imagine the laughter it creates at first instance. There are surnames of vegetables, trees, local dialect with funny meaning.

With the recent yahoo news, i have learned  that famous actors changes their name before entering Hollywood.  So, i browse the net and learned that there are even 78 hollywood celebrities that indeed changed their names for a spot on that lime light.  Here are some of them :

 Nicholas Coppola – Nicolas Cage ,   Reginald Dwight – Elton John , Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra  - Meg Ryan,  Natalie Hershlag – Natalie Portman ,  Eldrick Woods – Tiger Woods,  Marco Antonio Muñiz – Marc Anthony, John Francis Bongiovi, Jr – Jon Von Jovi , Christie Lee Hudson – Christie Brinkley, Kong-Sang Chan – Jacky Chan, Destiny Hope Cyrus – Miley Cyrus,  Hannah Fanning – Dakota Fanning,  Alicia Christian Foster –  Jodie Foster, Eric Bishop – Jamie Foxx,  Audrey Kathleen Ruston – Audrey Hepburn ,  Alicia Cook – Alicia Keys, Barry Pincus – Barry Manilow, Demetria Gene Guynes – Demi Moore, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – Katy Perry, Winona Laura Horowitz – Winona Ryder, Steven Tallarico – Steve Tyler, Walter Willis – Bruce Wilis.

Our local celebrities is no exemption,

Rodel Nacianceno – Coco Martin, Marie Rachel Salman Taleon – Dawn Zulueta , Evangeline Rose De Mesa Eigenmann - Cherie Gil , Angelica Colmanares – Angel Locsin,  Richard Faulkerson, Jr. – Alden Richards, Jose Marie Mortel Bautista – Bong Revilla, Jose Marcelo Ejercito – Joseph Estrada, Timothy Mark Pimentel Eigenmann – Sid Lucero,  Cody Andrew Garabato Miller III – Troy Montero , (it only means that his brother is also not a montero but miller, Hazel Pascual Reyes – Ara Mina, Maria Assunta Tiotangco Schiavone- Assunta De Rossi, María Julia Amorsolo – Eula Valdez, Gloria Borrego- Galla – Gloria Romero, Susan Reid –  Hilda Koronel , Jesusa Victoria Hernandez – Lani Mercado, Nora Cabaltera Villamayor – Nora Aunor, Jesusa Purificación Sonora – Susan Roces, Sharon Garcia Magdayao – Vina Morales, Regina Alatiit – Gina Alajar. Anna Marie Falcon , Francine Prieto. 

I guess this changes affect their stardom. It’s more easier to remember and has a great impact.

ROMARIANNE  (this is my real name)

A name extra – ordinary combine
on the time I was confine
in a place i can’t define.
time has come for the name 
to blossom and claim
and be a part in fame.
tomorrow will just be fine 
with you and me in bind,
together we will find
our destiny in kind. 
(a poem written by my father as a gift for my 18th birthday)
I often ask myself why would my father choose an unusual name, why not Rebecca, Rachel, Rosemarie, why would it be complicated that others often call me Rose or Rosemarianne or Roma, Marianne or Anne or tease me by calling Rhea  Rubbing Alcohol (my nickname is RIA which i have to correct and defend myself) but in time, i have learned to appreciate my name.  It was from my grand mother – “Romana” and I was born in time wherein Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines does and MARIANNE is a national emblem of France and defines liberty and reason. I can say that my name is uniquely mine.
What do you think?  Would you change your name for fame?  If you will be given a chance to have your name changed, what could it be? I guess, we really don’t have the capacity to choose our names but if you really wanted to change them especially if it affects your emotionally, we have the law that governs changing your name.

more reading ; ph. yahoo news  buzz feed

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