Amazing Must have Gadgets for 2013

With the growing and changing technology .  Techy or gadget lovers are always on the look out of new innovation.  I have never been a gadget savvy it is perhaps of the fact that i can’t afford to get the latest gadgets in town.

But it looks good and heavenly when you look at the new gadgets that are available in the market.   It’s not that I envy those people who own them but it is just wonderful to look at it and the benefits it gives to our life.  Some are necessity but some are real luxury.  It doesn’t necessary whether we can buy them or not, the important thing is that we can be a part of it even by just admiring them.

Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

My computer is one of the next important thing in my life besides my family of course.  I guess, most of my time i was holding my keyboard , working in the morning and blogging at night, just imagine that time consume infront of my computer.  And yes, accident do happen and it happen at the most unexpected time we wanted them to happen.  The keyboard i have been using was actually the third one since the two were accidentally spilled by water and whose the culprit, my kids.

So, imagine a keyboard that is washable.  That’s really new to hear but really interesting. If i can get a chance, i’ll definitely buy one. Check them out at Logitech for $40.


Whether you would not admit it or not,  we can be paranoid sometimes when it terms of our house safety, after all we are talking of something that we worked hard to achieve and have.  I usually get this feeling of “Did I lock the door?” “did you lock it?”, and you have to turn around and go back home to double check it.  This new gadget will solve all your worries.  Now, you can lock your door anywhere in the world.  How awesome is that? It has a built in wifi that you can check your door anywhere, it can also send notification when someone unlock it using a phone or a key. $179 at Lockitron.

 Google Glasses – Are you ready for smart glasses?

After the smart phones, smart tv, now, it’s seems that , we are really coming to the age that we look like cyborgs. Last year Google introduce this smart glasses that can make you read your e-mail , it was dubbed as wearable computer.   This one is good for people who is always on the go. Now, it makes me think, Do i need one? It’s not available yet but there are talks that it will be soon.

Tab Book

When I first saw this last year, i told myself that this is the gadget that I wanted to have.  Sleek and sexy, this tablet  turned into notebook is what every working mom and blogger must have.  There are different brands you can choose from but this Acer Iconia Tab is really amazing.

acer iconia tab

So, what do you think of this new gadgets?  Do you have your favorites, what gadgets have you seen that you are interested to buy,  share them here.

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